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  1. Confessions Of An 80s Low Budget Horror Film Composer
    by glomag
    Mindstalk- Trailer Mindstalk- Trailer
    by CYMBA
    Golden Throes Golden Throes
    CYMBA's debut release is the dark, gloomy, grimey techno stuff you've been waiting your shitty Game Boy to pull off all your life.
  3. World of Izioq
    by izioq
    World of Izioq World of Izioq
  4. TBBR006 | Double Density
    by an0va
    recognize recognize
    Take a talented artist like an0va, put him in a room with any music-making hardware, and you will never be disappointed. Using a platform he was not used to and going from zero to release in a short time, an0va injects new life in the stagnant Amiga Protracker music scene (usually so cocooned in nostalgia they forget they live in the 21st century) with a release full of contemporary broken beats that will definitely not sound out of place in any modern club, regardless of how they were made.
  5. Toy Company - PLAYROOM Vol​​.5
    by ToyCompany
    Metadata Heaven Metadata Heaven
    Like a poutine made out of the various flavors in the scene they support in Montréal, Toy Company manages to yet again release a very delectable selection of chips for your consuming pleasure.
    Cheese is optional.
  6. 5:14 EP
    by Matt Nida
    Forcefield Forcefield
    Yet another Nida instant classic, in which Matt ventures into some new grounds and manages to show, once again, his mastery of beat and groove, forming a release that wouldn't look out of place in the Planet Mu or Ninja Tune library.
  7. Dead Pixels
    by Dr. Von Pnok
    Belle Trappe Belle Trappe
    Excellent wrap-up for Von Pnok's career in the land of the DMG, showing he's always been, and will always be, one of the top figures of francophone chipmusic.
  8. Disassembly Language: Ambient Music for Deprogramming Vol. 1
    by 8 Bit Weapon
    Phase III Refactoring Phase III Refactoring
    It would be unfair to this excellent album to constrain it to the realm of chipmusic. It manages to transcend into proper ambient electronica terrain, regardless of how it is made.
    I hope I can listen to more work in this vein coming from 8BW.
  9. Last
    by Θ
    Room 613 Room 613
    At times calm, at times unnerving, this incredible collection of ambient electronica evokes perfectly the idea behind the album's concept. Each track (or should I say "room") has its own, meticulously crafted character.
    Great release.
    by Bud Melvin
    Biscuits & Gravy Biscuits & Gravy
    Bud Melvin releases one of those albums that, back in the day when I started getting into contemporary chipmusic, would make me look up on the scene with much respect and awe of the talent and adventurousness displayed by him and other pioneers in making the music that was being produced at the time.
    No adept of chipmusic can ever be without some good old (and new) Bud Melvin. Please make more.
  11. SPAZ OUT
    by Mr. Spastic
    Mr. Spastic goes back to the roots and kicks us right into 5th gear with a high energy release full of broken beat bangers.
  12. A1 (ft. Glooms)
    by boaconstructor
    This is a fantastic piece that I can definitely play in my DJ sets. boaconstructor and Glooms' styles obviously combine in a fantastic manner. Keep this collaboration going!
  13. Songs From Migrational Waves
    by Two Games One Boy
    Milan Cats Milan Cats
    As much dub as it is cumbia, 2G1B delivers a finely produced, killer mix of Argentine folklore and forward-thinking electronic music that should transcend the scope of chipmusic.
    A great addition to the Cheapbeats catalog and a must have record.
  14. Très Frais (DATA041)
    by TREY FREY
    Cruise Control (Original Edit) Cruise Control (Original Edit)
    Trey Frey is hands down the best newest addition to the world of chipmusic. Always trying to destroy the frontiers of what is capable with just two Game Boys, he keeps on pushing on new ground, with tons of style. This album just hits everything in the right places and becomes one of my favorite releases of late, regardless of how it's made.
  15. • THE GHOST NETWORK • Act 1
    by THE DEMIX
    Shark Tank Shark Tank
  16. IV
    by Stagediver
    Hard Hour Hard Hour
    All bow down to the master of Amigacore.
  17. Granta Digital
    by Mr. Spastic
    Space Soul Space Soul
    Excellent comeback of one of my favorite artists ever. This album is absolutely incredible in every level! Totally love the vocal work in Space Soul, and the synthesis + arrangements are flawless throughout. Buy it immediately.
  18. Picnic Rumble OST
    by DKSTR
    Pepper Falls Pepper Falls
    What's not to like about the world of skweee meeting the colorful videogame world of Picnic Rumble?
    Simple and complex at the very same time, this soundtrack is pure magic.
  19. Get Hyper
    There's boring Game Boy-made music and then there's MONODEER's music. Still pushing the limits of what is possible synthesis-wise with this limited machine, this release is a fresh new take on his signature style.
  20. Glowsticks & Special Brew
    by gwEm
    Critical (Matt Nida Remix) Critical (Matt Nida Remix)
    Another fine piece of instant-classic, rave-infused, Atari ST gwEm & Counter Reset madness, with the usual brilliant vocal arrangements and a fantastic, classy Matt Nida remix to boot.
  21. Particle Theory
    by Matt Nida
    First Principles First Principles
    This is my favourite UK electronica since FSOL.
  22. Back Tracking
    by Shirobon
    Born Survivor Born Survivor
    Shirobon blows the top off the place. Masterful in every aspect, with sticky hooks that will become earworms forever in your brain. If this isn't Top 10 chart material, what the hell is it??
  23. Ekisaitobaiku (CHEAPSHOT Remix) *FREE*