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  1. Anchorage, Alaska
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  1. Time to Go Home
    by Chastity Belt
  2. Quitter
    by Granddad
  3. Estival
    by Kittiwake
  4. Hibernal
    by Kittiwake
  5. Lush
    by Moonicorn
    Gallivanting Gallivanting
  6. Where We Go
    by Animal Eyes
    Una Una
  7. A Poison Tree/Over The Moon
    by Historian
  8. Map Distance/Ground Distance
    by The Palisades
    Choke Joke Choke Joke
  9. Ellis
    by The Palisades
  10. Mr. S.'s Memory
    by The Palisades
  11. Demos
    by The Social Schema
  12. Extra Bad
    by generifus
  13. Toves
    by Slithy Toves
  14. Colors of the West
    by Mega Gem
  15. Hatcher Creek
    by Strawberry Runners
  16. Eschaton
    by Waking Aida
  17. Home Alone
    by Totorro
  18. Heart-Shaped Leaves
    by The Super Saturated Sugar Strings
    Circles Circles
  19. Animal Eyes - Live from the Banana Stand
    by Animal Eyes
    Our Fields, Finally Sleep Our Fields, Finally Sleep
  20. Lame Sunset
    by The We Shared Milk