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Diabolus in Muzaka

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  2. Metal
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  1. High Risk
    by Blade Killer
  2. Come Forth to Me
    by AKURION
  3. Stare Into Death And Be Still
    by Ulcerate
  4. Altar Of Decay
  5. The Knightlore
    by Vultures Vengeance
  6. Demo
    by Sedimentum
    by Tribe Of Pazuzu
  8. Big Fat Box Of Shit
    by Crotchduster
    Mammal Sauce Mammal Sauce
    This was hilarious when I was in high school, and it's hilarious now.
  9. Sect of Vile Divinities
    by Incantation
  10. Spawn of Almighty Essence
    Birth of the Great Mass Birth of the Great Mass
    Technical death metal that's melodically and rhythmically creative but still finds time to pummel and slam. It's like the music nerds driving through the school with a bulldozer - and I mean all of that as a compliment. Killer record.
  11. Prelude To The Tragedy
    by Defeated Sanity
    Apocalypse Of Filth / Collapsing Human Failures Apocalypse Of Filth / Collapsing Human Failures
  12. The Inhabitable Dark
    by OBSCENE
    All Innocence Burns Here All Innocence Burns Here
    Good old-fashioned death metal with great MvD style vocals that reminds me of why I love the genre.
  13. Forbidden City Beneath The Crypt
    by Gutvoid
    Another great song from a band whose first full-length is shaping up to be an utter monster of a record. Great atmosphere too.
  14. Odious Descent Into Decay
    by Cerebral Rot
  15. Disgorged From Psychotic Depths
  16. Implements Of Excruciation
    Shadows Of Long Forgotten Terror Shadows Of Long Forgotten Terror
    This was exactly what I'm looking for in a Finnish-style death metal record. Warped riffing, bizarre yet fitting vocals, and well-crafted songs.
  17. What Lasts Forever
    by Nyktophobia
  18. Final Man
  19. Astral Bestiary
    by Gutvoid
    They Came Dripping From The Stars They Came Dripping From The Stars
    Gutvoid is easily one of the most exciting up-and-coming Canadian death metal bands. This demo is a sign of big things to come.
  20. Steeping Corporeal Mess
    by Fetid
    Draped In What Was Draped In What Was
    Prime sewer-death. The drums sound huge, the guitars are thicker than sludge, and the whole record is a blast to listen to.