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  1. Mountain Rock (2017 reissue)
    by Dear Nora
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    Mountain Rock Mountain Rock
  2. Everybody Works
    by Jay Som
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    One More Time, Please One More Time, Please
  3. Boyz & Girl
    by Boyz & Girl
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    Be My Friend Be My Friend
    Noisy, rocky, happy, sad great.
  4. Stay Gold
    by Neon Bunny
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    Ai Ai
    Let your summer happiness be swept away by summer sadness
  5. Psychopomp
    by Japanese Breakfast
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    Everybody Wants to Love You Everybody Wants to Love You
    Very solid dreampop. Lie-in-bed-gaze-at-ceiling-and-do-nothing music.
  6. Abyss
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    After the Fall After the Fall
    If you like being broody and edgy, you'll like this album. If you don't like being edgy and broody, there's still a good chance that you might like this album. It's pretty good.
  7. LUSH
    by Mitski
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    Brand New City Brand New City
    The early Mitski days. A lot more pianopop-based than her later records, but the voice and the lyrics are there.
  8. Puberty 2
    by Mitski
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    Your Best American Girl Your Best American Girl
    The follow-up to "bury me at makeout creek", new and more refined sounds, new and more mature Mitski.
  9. Mirror In Mirror
    by Skip Skip Ben Ben
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    8oul 8oul
    Music that sounds like too many sleeping pills mixed with red wine, but in a good way
  10. bury me at makeout creek
    by Mitski
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    first love / late spring first love / late spring
    Just all around amazing things, not much else to say. Possibly the most honest album I've ever listened to.
  11. Retired from Sad, New Career in Business
    by Mitski
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    Goodbye, My Danish Sweetheart Goodbye, My Danish Sweetheart
    The very definition of the word bittersweet. Also one of the best names for a record.
  12. Prah Suomafni Ruoy
    by Your Infamous Harp
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    Lightfall Lightfall
    The album that opened my eyes to electronic music in general.
  13. Chinese Football
    by Chinese Football
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    飞鱼转身 飞鱼转身
    Very dreamy midwest emo with some eastern twists here and there and some great guitar sounds. Sometimes peaceful, sometimes sad.
  14. ...Belong
    by Meishi Smile
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    Here Here
    Meishi Smile's music has always been extremely emotional, managing to find a synthesis between overwhelming beauty, sharp pain and just very well-crafted tunes.
  15. Veils of Brightness
    by Ether Feels
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    lightwave lightwave
    Full of energy, yet gentle and beautiful like an autumn sunset in Osaka
  16. Shaking Spoon
    by Harps
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    With My Girlfriend, Deadly One With My Girlfriend, Deadly One
    Sugary-sweet homemade dreampop with beautiful vibes that make you want to drown in an ocean of Lemonade
  17. 'His Young Heart' EP
    by Daughter
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    Landfill Landfill
  18. still
    by nouns
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    I feel as though I've failed I feel as though I've failed
  19. home is where the worst are
    by Minogame
  20. my love feels all wrong. digipak
    by goreshit
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    tatu'd lolis (extended mix) tatu'd lolis (extended mix)
  21. Nozomi
    by Minogame
    featured track 00:00/00:00
    Birdseed Birdseed
  22. Bedroom Breaks
    by Riajuu
    featured track 00:00/00:00
    2Delicious 2Delicious
  23. Und Plötzlich der Lachs
    by Von Wegen Lisbeth
    featured track 00:00/00:00
    Sushi Sushi