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  1. Agnes Water, Australia
  2. R&B/Soul
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  1. Not Coming Back
    by Sundrifter
  2. Life Was Better
    by Magic Dirt
  3. Sasquanaut
    by Lo-Pan
  4. Visitations
    by Sundrifter
  5. Lost In Space 20th Anniversary Re-release
    by Rollerball
  6. Fabric
    by The Black Seeds
  7. Deep Above The Noise
    by Plutonic Lab
  8. The Painted Ladies Play Selections From The Loner
    by The Painted Ladies
    Stranger In My Country Stranger In My Country
    I've never heard Vic Simms' original album, but will certainly be searching for it now. This is a covers record with some deep lyrical content about racial prejudices. Songs are class, musicianship terrific and a nice alt-country feel about it. A lovely little find that will hold a place in my favourite musical treasures box, sitting pretty next to the likes of Tex Perkins' Dark Horses and Dan Sultan.
  9. The Heartache State
    by The Heartache State
  10. Oversize
    by Rollerball
    Cocoon Cocoon
    Don't listen to the rubbish blurb under the tracks about the "pop production". It's always the quality of songs that wins out over studio trickery. And Oversize wins in a big way. The guitars are hard and very AC/DC / Angels here and you know what that means. Rocks loud, and tastes great with a cold drink in your hand on a hot summer day.
  11. Submarine
    by Rollerball
    Submarine Submarine
    Ohhhhhhhhhhh yeahhhhh. ROCKIN'.
  12. Evie part 1
    by Rollerball
    Rockin' version of Stevie Wright's classic anthem. A must-have in all party or road trip mixes.
  13. Digi Crates & Team Spooky present: Beat Fighter Volume 1
    by Various Artists
  14. Beats & Bullets : Soundtrack To A Shootout
    by Various Artists
  15. Jazz Meditation
    by DJ Ezasscul
  16. Champloo Crates : Samurai Soul
    by V.A.
  17. Painting Today
    by DJ Ezasscul
  18. Champloo Crates 2 : Samurai Soul : The Vinyl [IMPORT]
    by V.A.
  19. Beats & Bullets 2 : Soundtrack To A Shootout
    by V.A.
  20. Tree
    by Division of Laura Lee
    Rudderless Rudderless
    There is something very Australian about Swedish rockers. Or... is there something very Swedish about Australian rockers? Either way, it's great thing to discover bands like Division of Laura Lee who have you hooked from the first listen but still offer plenty on future spins. Two thumbs up!