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  1. Molly Burch - Audiotree Live
    by Molly Burch
    Try Try
  2. Vistalite
    by Plastic Picnic
    After You After You
  3. The Forget Wave
    by Twin Shadow
  4. Grapetooth
    by Grapetooth
    Red Wine Red Wine
  5. Only for the Broken-Hearted
    by Twin Shadow
  6. Private Energy
    by Helado Negro
    We Don't Have Time For That We Don't Have Time For That
  7. Fast or Feast
    How Life Works How Life Works
    At first when the album came out it was on more regularly but afterwards DJ Shamal on KSPC plays Gothic Tropic all the time and Every song on this album is gem. Every song is melodic and you can't go wrong with any song if you randomly pick any one of them to play.
  8. The Seshen
    by The Seshen
    Static Static
  9. Alvvays
    by Alvvays
    Archie, Marry Me Archie, Marry Me
  10. Antisocialites
    by Alvvays
  11. Antisocialites
    by Alvvays
    Dreams Tonite Dreams Tonite
  12. Soft Spots
    by adult mom
    Full Screen Full Screen
  13. Real Love Baby
  14. Ladyhawke - Wild Things
    by Ladyhawke
    Sweet Fascination Sweet Fascination
  15. It's Immaterial
    by Black Marble
    Iron Lung Iron Lung
  16. Bad Humors
    by Laumė
    Manipulator Manipulator
    Lots of the DJs play all 5 of the songs on this release regularly on KSPC since when it came out it seems. Also hear it sometimes on KUCR, though mostly Let Me Down. They're all solid/great tracks in my opinion.
  17. Konkylie
    by When Saints Go Machine
    Kelly Kelly
    For years DJ Shmal has played Kelly and Add Ends on KSPC since when this album was relatively new until 2017 and beyond. For some reason I never paid much attention to When Saints Go Machine until Dec 2017 when Kelly kept playing in my mind so I bought the album on here and can now say this album is great. This album has a varied selection of songs that run a wide gamut of emotions so not every song is a 'dancey' Kelly type track, but still makes for an interesting album.
  18. The Heart Of The Nightlife
    by Kisses
    Bermuda Bermuda
    Many of the songs on the album got decent play time on KSPC-Claremont with DJ Rubix and with a few other DJs and I can see why as for the most part the songs are 'solidly-catchy'. Good 'dancey' BPM songs for the most part.
  19. Limits of Desire
    by Small Black
    by TheOutletMag Music
    I didn't know anything about El Guincho until Love Cast played it on KUCR so I bought this track then the full album Pop Negro which is full of postive vibe tunes.
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