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  1. Still Burn (2014)
    by Recreant
  2. Rodeo
    by SQRM
  3. Nuclear Spring 12"
    by Nuclear Spring
  4. Of Death and Ritual
    by Culted
  5. 'No You' LP
  6. Vandalize ep 2007
    by Destroy L.A.
  7. Asylum
    by MORNE
  8. Converge & Dropdead Split EP
    by Converge
  9. Converge / Dropdead split EP
    by Dropdead
  10. Passion
    by Catharsis
  11. Germinate
    by From the Depths
    by brain f≠
  13. Night Child
    by The Oath
  14. Black Rainbow
    by The Oath
  15. s/t LP
    by Confusa
  16. Sleep Rough
    by Brain F≠
  17. Razorcake Sister Series III
    by the Hex Dispensers
  18. Parallel - 7"
    by the Hex Dispensers
  19. Converge & Napalm Death Split EP
    by Converge
  20. Rotten Thing To Say
    by Burning Love
  21. Blessphemy of the Peace Beast Feastgiver and the Bear Warp Kumite
    by An Albatross
  22. Hysterese
    by Hysterese
  23. Into the Darkness Into the Void (2012)
    by Black September
  24. The Forbidden Gates Beyond (2010)
    by Black September
  25. THE FACE
    by BIB
  26. Copsucker LP (LUNGS-022)
    by KIM PHUC
  27. Big Crux Is A Big Funk 7" (LUNGS-016)
    by BIG CRUX
  28. west side horizons
  29. Nuklear Blast Suntan - The Wheel of Fate is Turning EP (SPHC-18)
    by SPHC Records
  30. Inservibles - Una Vida de Tristeza EP (SPHC-29)
    by SPHC Records
  31. Khanate
    by Khanate
  32. lies we live
    by SVFFER
  33. Jimmie
    by Beyond Pink
  34. Fury rising
    by Beyond Pink
  35. Det här är punk
    by Beyond Pink
  36. Against the universe
    by Beyond Pink
  37. Den lätte
    by Beyond Pink
  38. Moshblock
    by Beyond Pink
  39. Krigare
    by Beyond Pink
  40. Jag är en hund
    by Beyond Pink
  41. Fuckin paradis
    by Beyond Pink
  42. Thirsty for blood
    by Beyond Pink
  43. Fega ur
    by Beyond Pink
  44. In Satan's Claws
    by Heretic Rites
  45. In Satan's Claws (Bonus tracks)
    by Heretic Rites