This is Kenneth Ohlsson’s music collection on Bandcamp.

Kenneth Ohlsson

  1. Västerås, Sweden
  2. Metal
  1. collection 43
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  1. Observants
    by Vulkan
  2. Technatura
    by Vulkan
  3. Introjection
    by Luxaeterna
    Ambivalence Ambivalence
  4. Siamese God
    by Need
  5. Hegaiamas:a song for freedom
    by Need
  6. Orvam:a song for home
    by Need
  7. Machina Dei
  8. In Dreams
    Through the lotus ashes Through the lotus ashes
  9. Atrament
    by A Sense of Gravity
    The Divide The Divide
  10. Hemispheres
    by End Silence
    Sinistral Sinistral
  11. The Waters
    by End Silence
  12. Death by water
    by Yugen
  13. Reflection (TOOL cover)
  14. EPO
  15. Macroscream
    by Macroscream
    The Flying Giampy The Flying Giampy
  16. In The Head Of A Maniac
    by AudioPlastik
    World Of Wonder World Of Wonder
  17. Tearing Back The Veil I: Ascension
    by Lithium Dawn
    Labyrinthian Labyrinthian
  18. Fragmental
    by Ashby
    The Faceless And The Shore The Faceless And The Shore
  19. Divide
    by Seven Second Circle
  20. The Dark Dunes of Titan
    by Odetosun
    Machine Horizon Machine Horizon