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  1. Here comes a new challenger!
    by Chinese Football
    电动少女 电动少女
  2. Greater Divides
    by Arliss Nancy
    Bar of the Century Bar of the Century
  3. The Never Ending Get Down
    by Mumblr
    Mudmouth Mudmouth
  4. A Place For You
    by This Time Next Year
    Sweetest Air Sweetest Air
    I used to have to most irrational love for you guys way back when. Every once in a while I put this EP on and lose my shit for a bit.
  5. The '59 Sound
    by The Gaslight Anthem
    Great Expectations Great Expectations
    What hasn't been said about this album already.

    This is a road trip staple, to many other people as well I'm sure.
  6. Cody
    by Joyce Manor
    Fake I.D. Fake I.D.
  7. Kaiju
    by It Looks Sad.
    Creature Creature
  8. Teenage Retirement
    by Chumped
    December Is The Longest Month December Is The Longest Month
  9. Awkward Pop Songs
    by JANK
    The Hat Store The Hat Store
  10. When You Walk A Long Distance You Are Tired
    by Mothers
    Too Small For Eyes Too Small For Eyes
  11. Is This Chocolate?
    by Dumb Waiter
    Vegan Mustache Jazz Vegan Mustache Jazz
  12. Heart Beats Pacific
    by Banner Pilot
    Intervention Intervention
    Just a great, straight forward punk album; on the light and upbeat side. Featuring the kind of lung emptying, half crying, half smiling, heart wrenchingly cathartic lyrics that you may or may not be compelled to shout at the moon, on the lonely nights.
  13. Infinite House
    by Ava Luna
    Company Company
  14. Wild American Runners
    by Arliss Nancy
    Vonnegut Vonnegut
    Whenever I need something to listen to, to get me out of or into some mood, lately I've been turning on Vonnegut. It's one of those songs you just have to ride when it comes on.
  15. Torch Song
    by Radiator Hospital
    Fireworks (Reprise) Fireworks (Reprise)
  16. Painted Shut
    by Hop Along
    Powerful Man Powerful Man
  17. Full Of Snakes
    by Mumblr
    Masturbation Masturbation
    Great album to bob your head and shake your butt to every once in awhile. Personal lyrics, emotional vocals, loud guitars. I dig it.
  18. Adventures 7"
    by Adventures
    Reach Out To You Reach Out To You
  19. House Parts
    by Two Hand Fools
    Graveyards Graveyards
    Lots of great songs here with positive and sincere lyrics. If you are into catchy, folksy, punkish sounds, then this one is right up your alley.
  20. Two Hand Fools
    by Two Hand Fools
    Spaghet Spaghet
  21. Get Disowned
    by Hop Along
    Get Disowned Get Disowned
    Hard rockin', quirky and original. God this band is f'n great. Francis's voice has that quality of off the rails passion you rarely stumble into these days. Emotionally perplexing, yet so powerful and in control. A controlled emotional implosion. With instrumentation, there's healthy bits of everything; brooding moody atmospheres, punchy rocky bites, ear twitching riffs, weighted hanging twangs, lightly sprinkled sing alongs, memorable lyrics, etc..

    It's a strange, lovely mess. :) Give it a go.