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  1. The Baring of Shadows
    by Kardashev
  2. Sunlight Highlights
    by Lucas de la Rosa
  3. Looney Moons
    by Empire Bathtub
  4. Cosmic Noise
    by Death of the Author
    Anteros Anteros
    What a wild ride - some of the best 19 minutes of music I've heard in a while. This is a fantastic sonic adventure which includes hard-hitting metal, blazing guitar runs, acoustic guitar, and saxophone, all backed up by infectious riffs, fun melodies, and top-notch vocals.
  5. Deep Sleep
    by The Organ Machines
  6. What Lies Within
    by The Organ Machines
    Tiered Notion Tiered Notion
    This is an emotionally riveting rock release with progressive tendencies, rife with impressive rhythmic experimentation, gorgeous layers of sound, and a beautifully melancholic atmosphere -- not too often you hear slide guitar and vibraphone on the same album. Between the variety of speeds and styles, there is a song on this album for everyone.
  7. Parallels
    by The Organ Machines
  8. Chasm Dream
    by The Organ Machines
  9. Morning Sun
    by With Sails Ahead
  10. August Sun
    by Incandescent Skies
  11. 咲く
    by Maiden's Capriccio
  12. Solidarity
    by Nephele
  13. The Quest of the Unholy Ziggurat
    by godwearinggucci
  14. 2019
    by Atmospherium
  15. Contextual Noise
    by Effuse
  16. Sein / Zeit
    by Barshasketh
  17. White Eyes
    by Blind The Huntsmen
    Chapter 8 - Contorting Colossus Chapter 8 - Contorting Colossus
    Do you ever feel like a band has written an album just for you? That's this. White Eyes can only be described by me as one word, truly: transcendent. It's emotional, epic, heavy, gorgeous, stunning, heartbreaking, and uplifting all in one. A glorious fictional journey that will leave you craving more.
  18. The Thief
    by Horseburner
    The Oak The Oak
    Horseburner does the stoner-doom thing right. They bring the heavy, filthy riffs and no shortage of bluesy scales, like others in their genre, yet the songwriting always comes across as fresh. It's a great example of a modern band taking the formula practiced by its protégés and keeping it interesting.
  19. Gehenna
    by Amiensus
  20. Purnima
    by Tanjiir