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Keith Spears

  1. Beaverton, Oregon
  2. Ambient
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  1. Tomb of Ordeals
    by Cryo Chamber
  2. Tomb of Empires
    by Foundation Hope / Council of Nine / Alphaxone / Coph`antae Tryr
  3. Tomb of Seers
    by Council of Nine, Alphaxone, Xerxes The Dark, Wolves and Horses
  4. Tomb of Druids
    by ProtoU, Aegri Somnia, Dead Melodies, Ager Sonus, Creation VI
  5. A Wild Liberty
    by Jj Kidder
  6. Vetrarljós
    by Gaetir The Mountainkeeper
  7. The Three Noble Strains
    by Tim Rayborn
  8. Letters from Krampus: Three Seasons in the Sack
    by Tansy Undercrypt
  9. All Our Best
    by Gallowglass Irish Trio
  10. The Dukes Of Alhazred
    by The Darkest of the Hillside Thickets
  11. Megalitheon
    by Paleowolf
  12. Wardens Of The West Wind
    by Wind Rose
  13. Blessings
    by S. J. Tucker
  14. Rihla
    by Tim Rayborn
  15. Telesterion
    by Eidolorous
  16. LIFA
    by Heilung
  17. Ionosphere Casting Shadows - A Perfect Circle
    by Ionosphere Casting Shadows
    appears in 1 other collection
  18. Begin Transmission
    by The Mechanist & The Star Goddess
  19. Fornjörð
    by Gaetir The Mountainkeeper
  20. Solo Guitar - Vol. 1
    by Scott Keever