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Keenan Kiosis

  1. Toronto, Ontario
  2. Punk
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  1. Romantic
    Emotional High Emotional High
    The band`s voice hooked me from the start. They`ve got an impressive range from gentle rock that showcase melodies to fast-paced, angry, angsty songs without any words at all
  2. No One Gets Lost Anymore
    by The Smith Street Band
    Sigourney Weaver Sigourney Weaver
    The lyrics are honest and angsty with vivid imagery. Not as polished as their later releases but a killer full-length debut, nonetheless
  3. First Ditch Effort
    by NOFX
    Ditch Effort Ditch Effort
    All NOFX fans need this album. It is phenomenal. Dispose of your "NOFX isn't good anymore' nonsense and listen to this 5-star album. Generation Z is a full-blown punch to the heart, so watch out for that finale
  4. Promise Everything
    by Basement
    Oversized Oversized
    This is an amazing addition to the already stellar Basement discog. Little bit of grunge, little bit of mellow, this is a killer album
  5. Throw Me In The River
    by The Smith Street Band
    Throw Me In The River Throw Me In The River
    This is a tuned, polished, and well-produced album that separates TSSB from their past. This album features a fresh and mature view on the band's philosophy
  6. The Dream Is Over
    by PUP
    The Coast The Coast
    A killer sophomore album. Fast paced, loaded with Canadianisms, new vocal heights, and those jazz-influenced guitar riff that make their sound digestible yet perfectly punk
  7. Young Luck
    by Sorority Noise
    Queen Anne's Lace Queen Anne's Lace
  8. Torch Song
    by Radiator Hospital
    Leather & Lace Leather & Lace
  9. While I Stay Secluded
    by Knuckle Puck
    Alexander Pl. Alexander Pl.
    If the band name didn't already sell you, give this a listen because it is top-notch. The aggressive vocals are to die for! And the lyrical content is so youthful and honest
  10. S/T EP (2011)
    Winter Coats Winter Coats
    Single Mothers have such sharp, insulting lyrics that it's hard to resist loving them. The choruses are dynamite and the imagery is so clear. Southwestern Ontario culture told through pity and disdain
  11. Colourmeinkindness
    by Basement
    Bad Apple Bad Apple
    Basement has done it again. That voice is entoxicating and smooth yet perfectly suited to their grunge-rock style. The guitar riffs are mellow and laid back, yet ready to punch in to gear at a moments notice
  12. Free Throw
    by Free Throw
    Lvl. 2 Pidgey In A Masterball Lvl. 2 Pidgey In A Masterball
    This is great stuff. Raw vocals yet somehow smooth at the same time.
  13. Forgettable
    by Sorority Noise
    Blonde Hair, Black Lungs Blonde Hair, Black Lungs
    Wow. It's like Manchester Orchestra and Modern Baseball's offspring, and it's glorious.
  14. Charmer
    by tigers jaw
    Hum Hum
    Killer harmonies. Bummed to hear Tigers Jaw broke up but after hearing this album I've made peace with it
  15. Be Brave, Not Alone
    by Anchors Away
    Ohio's Best Grave Diggers Ohio's Best Grave Diggers
    Friggin' good stuff. Fast beats, good voice, great lyrics.
  16. Temple Of Plenty
    by Somos
    Lifeline Lifeline
    This is an all around great band. The guitar riffs suit the voice so well it's like candy to earholes.
  17. Walk Where You Struggle (2014)
    by Riot Acts
    What's Left After Taxes What's Left After Taxes
  18. Forget The Past
    by Firestarter
    Forget The Past Forget The Past
    Fast beats. Yes. Classy pop punk.
  19. I Wish I Could Stay Here
    by Basement
    Earl Grey Earl Grey
    This album is fantastic. They seem to mix the slow and mellow parts with the fast crunches so well that you barely even notice the awesome lyrics.
  20. Blessed Suffering
    by pill friends
    Rituals Rituals
  21. The Only Place I Know
    by Citizen
    Fremont Fremont
  22. BONES
    Snow Line Snow Line
  23. Settling
    by Run Forever
    Braddock Beach Braddock Beach
  24. Prawn / Joie De Vire - Split
    by Prawn
    Why You Always Leave a Note Why You Always Leave a Note
  25. Sunshine & Technology
    by The Smith Street Band
    Young Drunk Young Drunk
    Great tunes. There's something mesmerizing about this Aussie's voice. Buy this.
  26. Split
    by Knuckle Puck
    Gold Rush Gold Rush
    Another wonderfully solid product of Knuckle Puck. Only 2 songs but so worth it!
  27. PUP
    by PUP
    Guilt Trip Guilt Trip
    Fantastic guitar parts. Quintessential punk rock voice. Lyrics riddled with Canadianisms. Possibly the greatest thing to come out of Toronto. Ever.
  28. Stay Honest
    by Brutal Youth
    Dwight Dwight
    Fast beats! Love the fact that they're from Newfoundland. Sacred heart o' Jesus, these guys are good.
  29. We'll Take The Road - EP
    by The Greatest Sons
    Lookin' For A Good Time Baby? Lookin' For A Good Time Baby?
  30. Piloting a Vehicle of Audible Expression
    by Audio/Rocketry
    Mission Statement Mission Statement
    Good Canadian music. Banjo, fast-paced guitar, and cool vocal harmonies -- what's not to like? The Canadian Mumford.
  31. Flicker Noise
    by Grim Fandango
    Play Forever Play Forever
  32. These Walls
    by The Creeps
    On and On On and On
  33. Belongs to the Dead
    by Tigers Jaw
    Jet Alone Jet Alone
    You *WILL* get these songs stuck in your head... and that's a good thing
  34. It's A Beautiful Future
    by The Rebel Spell
    It Can't Be Just Me It Can't Be Just Me
  35. Bathurst
    by Bathurst
    Cut Your Losses Cut Your Losses
    The whole album is solid. Kinda blends together into a half hour of kickass punk rock. Buy!
  36. P.O.P. Music (The EP Collection)
    by Don Blake
    The Ballad Of Bonnie Macfarlane The Ballad Of Bonnie Macfarlane
    Short but sweet songs. Definitely worth the buy if you like pop punk
  37. Know The Ropes EP
    by A Stateline Affair
    I Left My Discretion At The Starting Line I Left My Discretion At The Starting Line
    appears in 1 other collection
    by Radiator Hospital
    Cut Your Bangs Cut Your Bangs
    Raw songs that have good vocal parts and catchy chords, Feels like they wrote this after a period of hitchhiking around BC.
  39. Everything Goes Away
    by Trophy Eyes
    May 24 May 24
  40. Not Half Bad & The Moguls Split
    by Not Half Bad
    Burrito Drive Burrito Drive
  41. These Are Only Problems
    by The Murderburgers
    Another Way Out Of Here Another Way Out Of Here
  42. Show 'Em The Hand Vol. III
    by Various Artists
    Keep Me In The Dark Keep Me In The Dark
  43. Buggy Holly Tape 2013
    by George Nervous Four
    Don't Talk, Don't Listen Don't Talk, Don't Listen
    appears in 1 other collection
  44. 5
    by Life In Vacuum
    You Did It To Yourself You Did It To Yourself
  45. North By Northeast
    by Bandage
    Layers Layers