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  1. Beat Tape
    by Dj Khalab
  2. Hanazono
    by Satomimagae
  3. A May Stone Wrapped in Wool
    by Orbury Common
  4. မင်္ဂလာပါ - All proceeds go to Myanmar fight for democracy
    by T-toe
    ကမ်းခြေ (the beach) ကမ်းခြေ (the beach)
    Wicked collection of tunage, evocative field recordings and phat arse beats n bass in a totally upbeat beach vibe, all given to help the people of Myanmar. Win win
  5. Lazy
    by Mr. Mitch
    Black Majik Black Majik
    A conceptual and varied album, keeping up the interest, from the squeaky start of 'Black Majik' right the way through. Not the norm
  6. An gàrradh
    by Letters From Mouse
    How many magpies? How many magpies?
    Mindful and playful, it plays out like an operetta with characters to-ing and fro-ing. take LFM up and listen while staring out of your wondow ...
    by Priscilla Andersohn
    Changing Landscapes Changing Landscapes
    What a delight to hear Priscilla’s first outing, thoughtfully arranged with a complete sound, it gets better on every play
  8. Data Slut EP
    by Blank Disco
    Data Slut Data Slut
    What a sonic delight, four distinctly different tracks unified by their exuberant adventurism. Hard to decide on a fave, Clearing is sublime, Dial-up stutters brightly, Season two beautifully rinsed, yet i’m going for Data slut because it’s bonkers and makes me smile every time. The clear vinyl is just peachy. My current fave possession
  9. Building the Goddess Temple (remix edition)
    by Orbury Common
    New Moon Nudes - Those Who Came Before Us (Acid Sunrise mix) New Moon Nudes - Those Who Came Before Us (Acid Sunrise mix)
    Always a pleasure to enter the sonic world of Orbury Common, it’s eminently responsive to reinterpretation each track it’s own entity
  10. Always Happy / Small Talk
    by Grandmas House
    Wow third single in and we have an anthem to belt out at their next gig. Love it!
  11. Two Syllables Volume Seventeen
    by First Word Records
  12. No Place Like Home
    by Grandmas House
    Wicked grinding start that drags you all the way home. Great follow-up to their debut single - bring on the album!
  13. Devil's Advocate
    by Grandmas House
    Confident debut single, as menacing as the title suggests
  14. VEST
    by Mermaid Chunky
    These Girls These Girls
    An excellent collection of tracks as captivating as their live sets
  15. Suppertime Seance
    by Orbury Common
    Silo (Live) Silo (Live)
    This band is great live and this album demonstrates the why and the how
  16. Ouchi Time
    by Kikagaku Moyo/幾何学模様
  17. Supernatural Love
    by Sidestepper
    Come See Us Play Come See Us Play
    Wow such an uplifting album, Sidestepper unplugged! If you wanna fall back in love with the world, stick this on
  18. Smell of Deer
    by YOKEL
    Safernoc ft. Dali De Saint Paul Safernoc ft. Dali De Saint Paul
    an impressive collection of experimental music, topped in my opinion by Dali's earnest vocals on Safernoc
  19. UNTITLED (Rise)
    by SAULT
  20. Gypsy Davey
    by Kikagaku Moyo/幾何学模様
    Gypsy Davey Gypsy Davey
    This is a gem! Fabulous collaboration with Kandice Holmes