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  1. Metamora, Indiana
  2. Punk
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    by EUNOIA
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  2. Dope Sweater
    by Dope Sweater
  3. The Greatest Arsonist
    by Straight Line Arrival
  4. When We Laugh We Get More Sick
    by Jude Joseph
  5. On a Binge
    by Anything Goes
  6. Flowering of Youth
    by All Hail West Texas
  7. Spaghetti Wednesday
    by Dana Skully and the Tiger Sharks
    Lion Tamer Lion Tamer
    incredibly beautiful lyricism, lovely singing voice, personal yet almost whimsical. love love love a+ dana dobbins
  8. One Last Big Job
    by Ramshackle Glory
  9. Sorry Dudes EP
    by Not Half Bad
    i can't even pick a favorite song 'cause God Damn. i feel like not half bad is one of those bands that makes you get nostalgic and reminisce over things you haven't even fully experienced yet
    by The Homewreckers
  11. Bedpunk
    by Just Nick
    Songs about Girls Songs about Girls
  12. the day before she died
    by Human Kitten
  13. Manic Pixie Dream Boy
    by Human Kitten
    Share What Ya Got Share What Ya Got
  14. Well, This is Embarrassing
    by Just Nick
  15. So Many Dogs!
    by Paper Ceilings
    Dogs in Space! Dogs in Space!
    when ur the #1 dog fan
  16. Critters
    by Just Nick
    Ovis Aries Ovis Aries
    this is honestly really beautiful and it made me really emotional and wow. there's so much talent out into this and I'm just really amazed and in love with this

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  1. Well, This is Embarrassing
    by Just Nick