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  1. Infinite Granite
    by Deafheaven
  2. Sagenwelt
    by Bilwis
  3. Esse Est Percipi
    by Autumn Nostalgie
  4. Terror
    by JANUS
  5. Der lange Weg zurück
    by Single
  6. Infernum et Necromantium | EP 2020
  7. Disciple of the Dark Sun
    by Nameless King
  8. Misanthrosophie
    My Path Of Stars My Path Of Stars
    A great return after all those years - "Misanthrosophie" unleashes furious Black Metal in an old school blasting fashion with hints to modern incarnations of the genre. Great melodies, passionate Vocals and very good lyrics make this Album a MUST HAVE for friends of fast and furious Black Metal. True Grenzgängers!
  9. Reysa
    by Asarhaddon
  10. Ewigkeit
    by Der Weg einer Freiheit
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  11. Schöpfungswut
    by Porta Nigra
    Das Rad des Ixion Das Rad des Ixion
    "Schöpfungswut" shows Porta Nigra in a more (old-school) Black Metal based fashion. But there are always links to their own past through melodies, lyrics and the general fashion of their artistic expression. Great album for Fans of extravagant Black Metal! Ugh!
  12. Lichtkvlt (Split)
    by Eschaton / Apathie
  13. Eis zu Stein
    by Nemesis Sopor
  14. Nahtscade
    by Asarhaddon
  15. 13 Keys to Lunacy
    by HALLIG
  16. Unfinished Album
    by Audiocæneat!
  17. I
    by Absolutum
  18. Mensch aus Gold
    by Ekpyrosis
  19. cadere
    by down the abyss
  20. Samhain Celebration
    by Vivus Humare