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  1. Beats to Snare your Kicks
    by TERMITE
    Goblette Goblette
    Another totally amazing Collection of dope beats
  2. Magnetic Day
    by Bite
    This Track is so fucking good. What a masterpiece!
  3. Carolina & Coppice Movements
    by zakè
  4. Notebooks and the Eleventh Expedition
    by Intrusive Thoughts
  5. jaded
    by @whoisazar
    appears in 1 other collection
  6. when I have time
    by Sugar Cane Davis
    happily happily
    As always solid work from you. But holy shit, "happily" is one of the best if not the best beat you have done so far!!
  7. Cassette Tape Death Head
    by TERMITE
    What a sick collection. You are so fucking underrated. For all those who experienced the 90s, you are a gift from heaven!
  8. Wakefulness
    by 桜Sakura
    Salamander Salamander
    I kind of only bought this to tell you that the SnareDrum on "Salamander" is so fucking incredible good. You can crank it up all the way and the snare is punchy yet massaging your ear. Other producers need to take notes from you! Keep up the good work, you make really good beats!
  9. Tesseract
    by Daniel[i] & Purl
  10. Merope (SVLBRD Ambient Mix)
    by Purl
  11. Evighet
    by Purl
  12. Rest In You
    by Purl & Deflektion
  13. Acceptance
    by Purl & Sinius
  14. of being
    by Purl
  15. Emptiness Is Form
    by Purl
  16. A Sky Beyond
    by Purl
  17. Astounding Still
    by Jeremy Clarke & Purl
  18. Simple Songs
    by Yamaoka & Purl
  19. sus (summer of innocence)
    by Purl