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  1. Jealousy and Diamond
    by Autistic Daughters
  2. Skene
    by Matthew Sullivan
  3. Fractuur
    by John Wall
  4. Alterstill
    by John Wall
  5. Constructions V-VII
    by John Wall
  6. Sean McCann, Matthew Sullivan & Alex Twomey "Charlotte's Office"
    by Sean McCann, Matthew Sullivan & Alex Twomey
  7. Neighborhoods
    by Ernest Hood
  8. 勉強
    by Patrick Shiroishi
  9. blackgrounds
    by Yui Nakamura
  10. Curling
    by Jean-Philippe Gross
  11. De Brujas Peteneras y Chachalacas
    by La Bruja De Texcoco
  12. Marynistyka suchego lądu
    by wędrowcy~tułacze~zbiegi
  13. Untitled Substance
    by Damon Zucconi
  14. The Deontic Miracle: Selections from 100 Models of Hegikan Roku
    by Catherine Christer Hennix
  15. ГАР002: Ночной Проспект «Курорты Кавказа»
    by Notchnoi Prospekt
  16. Matthew
    by Matthew Sullivan
  17. Vol. 2
    by Topdown Dialectic
  18. "t4t" (NRR123)
    by Claire Rousay
  19. M.O.
    by Matthew Sullivan
  20. El lago de los seis lugares
    by Catriel Nievas
  21. The Dress of the Century
    by Derek Baron
  22. MUTIA
    by Carlos Casas
  23. Consuelo
    by Chesterfield • Angélica Castelló / Burkhard Stangl
  24. 6 Chords
    by Cristián Alvear / Klaus Filip
  25. Shade
    by Yasumune Morishige / Yoko Ikeda / Takashi Masubuchi
  26. Moments
    by Michael Vincent Waller
  27. Scrine (1988)
    by Hands To
  28. Jérôme Noetinger and Anthony Pateras – A Sunset For Walter LP
    by Jérôme Noetinger & Anthony Pateras
  29. Afternoon—Dusk
    by Ned Collette / James Rushford / Joe Talia
  30. The Practice of Love
    by Jenny Hval
  31. The Funnel
    by Wojciech Rusin
  32. Black Canyons
    by Sun Valley
  33. The Age Of Immunology
    by Vanishing Twin
  34. This Wild Willing
    by Glen Hansard
  35. Rose des vents
    by Pierre Mariétan
  36. Desert to Douala
    by Pulo NDJ
  37. Brain Wash
    by Yasuhiro Otani
  38. Apricot Tree: Soviet-Armenian Music from 78rpm Discs
    by Canary Records
  39. FEAN
    by FEAN (Piiptsjilling with Joachim Badenhorst, Sylvain Chauveau and Annelies Monseré)
  40. Commuter (HHR45)
    by Stelzer/Murray
  41. Floating Weeds
    by Ken Ikeda + Rie Nakajima + Makoto Oshiro
  42. you & i are earth
    by Vanessa Rossetto
  43. Listening East
    by Martyna Poznanska
  44. un lieu pour être deux
    by Jameson Feakes & Josten Myburgh
  45. Nova bonalbo
    by seht