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Kate Cornish

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  2. Folk
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  1. Mercy Me
    by Elspeth Anne
  2. Magic Stories They Have Brought to Me (A Beginner's Guide to The Owl Service)
    by The Owl Service
  3. Laid under leaf, under branches
    by Dark Leaves
  4. The Scarifyers: The Temple of Kurpannga
    by Bafflegab Productions
  5. The Scarifyers: An American Werewolf in Ludlow
    by Bafflegab Productions
  6. Witches & Their Craft
    by Aux Luna
  7. British Cryptids
    by Aux Luna
  8. Chaotic Good
    by Johanna Warren
  9. Witchsickness
    by Johanna Warren
  10. Coventry Carol
    by Johanna Warren
  11. North Branch River
    by Fern Maddie
  12. Shirley Shirley Shirley!
    by Nico Georis
  13. Headsoup
    by Goat
  14. Windsong
    by Alice Damon
  15. Cuffern
    by Wyrdstone
  16. Coit Mawr – The Great Wood
    by Bugs aka Julian Hight
  17. Hereford Wakes
    by Thorsten Schmidt
    Hereford Wakes End Titles Hereford Wakes End Titles
    Just genius. This music is so evocative of what I was obsessed with as a child of the Seventies and early Eighties. If you’re a fan of Hauntology, Folk Horror, and the wonderfully weird tv shows like Children of the Stones, The Owl Service, The Stone Tapes, and the films Tam Lin, The Wicker Man and all the magical sounds of old British psych folk, then this album will be a joy to listen to and fill you with a sense of what here in Wales is known as Hiraethog. I love it.
  18. The Mossy Stone (Demo)
    by Sunken Grove
  19. Binding Branches
    by Sunken Grove
  20. Lights on the Hillside
    by Sunken Grove