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  1. The Rebel Outlaw
    Kind-of typical escape-ism stuff. Minimalist electro with basic guitar. Fabulous like alan Vega sometimes was.
  2. Party Zero
    by Live Skull
  3. Saturday Night Massacre
    by Live Skull
  4. Walls Have Ears
    by Sonic Youth
  5. Live in Madrid
    by Blood Red Shoes
    Great live recording. Gives you a good idea about How They are live during this tour
  6. Signs
    by Laura-Mary Carter
  7. Golden Hour Of Pull My Daisy
    by Pull My Daisy
    Fabulous cover of age of spades
  8. “ . . . on reflection "
    by William Basinski & Janek Schaefer
  9. Lamentations
    by William Basinski
  10. Melancholia
    by William Basinski
  11. Ache
    by Foetus
  12. Buddha Head
    by Bill Nelson
    Great stuff
  13. Electricity Made Us Angels
    by Bill Nelson
  14. Werra Foxma Central
    by Werra Foxma Records
  15. The Disintegration Loops IV
    by William Basinski
  16. The Disintegration Loops II
    by William Basinski
  17. Music for Abandoned Airports: Tegel
    by William Basinski
  18. Werra Foxma Remixes - Volume One
    by Werra Foxma
  19. You Can and You Shall - The Remixes
    by Dohnavùr
  20. Concrete Animals - The Remixes
    by Dohnavùr