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  2. Metal
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  1. Witch Piss
    by Witch Piss
  2. After the End
    by Fasad
  3. Oscuras Puertas Del Infinito
    by kalkü
  4. Summoning Ancient Bleakness
    by Dolorosa
  5. J'aeae cr​à​iserais j'squa je n'a​ï​e pluxe d'e vie​,​.​,​.​, perssonage n'ex sembleple s'enne pr​é​onccuxperale
    by coffret de bijoux
  6. Leviathan [Album]
    by Dawohl
  7. Misgivings [Album]
    by Misgivings
  8. Unholy Chapters (The Merciless Years) [Compilation]
    by Mercyless
  9. Victoria/Jeiunium
    by Ancress
  10. The Ancient Tales
    by Phaunos
  11. Lime / Meat
    by The Sustained Low 'C' of Richard Strauss' "Also Sprach Zarathustra"
  12. Refined by Fire
    by Omnes Flammus
  13. Chitin
  14. Καταραμένα Λείψανα (LP)
    by Μνήμα
  15. BURN
    by TITAN
  16. Sinfonie dalla vecchia Regina
    by Chaos Luciferi
  17. Hymns For The Lesser Gods
  18. Apparitions of the Past
    by Vér
  19. Ett mjukt raseri
    by Efterbild
  20. La l'd​é​pend​å​ancsee ause kel​é​es magiquey qu​ề​ề​ề leyn florquas arkions'​,​` d'un moment ȧ l'autre'​,​;; ṫesesc omeomeas magniq'''''e de​ŝ​ŝ orne​.​.​; m​ë​nt​š​! Ėlll​ễ​s​-​mxme;;, Ėlll​ễ​s​-​les savencs​.​.​;; Nuertas se​û​i​û​lement apr​è​s la pluit​,​;;;
    by coffret de bijoux