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  1. Suffering Is A Gift
    by portrayal of guilt
  2. Lytic/Pique/Chivala/Amitie
    by Larry Records
  3. III
    by Foxtails
  4. Various Artists - Doused In Mud, Soaked In Bleach
    by Robotic Empire
  5. Silence Will Not Protect You
    by Cady
  6. Death of Spring
    by Middle-Man Records
  7. Deluge of Data, Recess of Thought
    by Supine
  8. Gravity and Grace
    by Respire
  9. Year of the Rat
    by Product Lust
  10. Time to Go Home
    by Chastity Belt
  11. The Only Thing Man Has Mastered Is Hate
    by Capture & Exploit
  12. Breakfast For 2 EP
    by SadGirl
  13. S/T EP
    by Temple of Angels
  14. Foiled
    by Temple of Angels
  15. לוֹט
    by pique
  16. AOR030 RAGANA + THOU - Let Our Names Be Forgotten split LP
    by RAGANA & THOU
  17. Soft Restraint
    by FILTHY
    Death of Helen & Boris Death of Helen & Boris
    This album is dark and poignant, beautiful written and excellently executed. Can't stop listening.
  18. Magus
    by Thou
  19. Let Pain Be Your Guide
    by portrayal of guilt
  20. Created in the Image of Suffering
    by King Woman
  21. Doubt
    by King Woman
  22. Quietly [2018 LP]
    by Planning For Burial
  23. Deathconsciousness
    by Have a Nice Life
  24. Demo
    by TEST
  25. Below the House
    by Planning For Burial
    by Pleasure Cruise Press
  27. L.O.V.E.
    by Maricón
  28. If you think you can bring happiness back into the dead.
    by Brian Franklin & The Father Figures
    I Don't Want you Watching Me Decaying I Don't Want you Watching Me Decaying
    This album is raw and emotional and beautifully done.
  29. Split with Sixteen
    by Diving
  30. Tomorrow Is Nearly Yesterday And Everyday Is Stupid
    by Crywank