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Karl Germanovich

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  1. Grand Poo World 3
    by Tyson Wernli
    Lord of Cinder Lord of Cinder
    longtime fan of the SMW arrangements by com_poser. his arrangements on this album are absolutely amazing and inspiring. I've always been a fan of Motoi Sakuraba's Lord of Cinder track and was delighted to hear how poser was able to take it and make it so fitting for a Kaizo level.
  2. For Gaza Volume 2
    by Bee Side Cassettes
  3. For Gaza
    by Bee Side Cassettes
  4. The Hot Light
    by Bi Score
  5. Merit
    by The Progress
  6. There Is - Single
  7. Thrill of Living
    by The Human Fly
  8. Exceptional Goblins
    by Ian Cowell
  9. Bossies Play Bosses: A Tribute to Matt Wood
    by mig50
  10. Solar Jetman
    by Kirby Pufocia
  11. Spaceship You (piece for six electric guitars)
    by Jace Bartet
  12. Athletic Aesthetic
    by ErichWK
  13. I Can
    by MrWimmer
  14. ZAKU
    by ZAKU
    Luxury Mech Luxury Mech
    The War of T-Square vs. Casiopea vs. Yanni has left the world in ruin, and ZAKU is here in its wake... but will ZAKU rebuild or finish the job?
  15. SJ XIII (The Nightmare LP)
    by Kirby Pufocia
  16. It's OK Not to Talk to Me
  17. Mortal Dumbass
    by Stupid Idiot
  18. SEVEN
    by Knight of the Round
  19. Living Feeling
    by Blooming Season
  20. Duels
    by Cory Johnson