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  1. XTRA TH!CC (how NES do this?) (NOT CLICKBAIT)
    by Dachampster
  2. Volume 5: Sensory Chill
    by Chiptunes4Autism
  3. Volume 5: Sensory Fire
    by Chiptunes4Autism
  4. good leg music
    by Dachampster
  5. Heart of the Juggernaut
    by Metroyd Myk
  6. Voyager
    by Nanode
  7. Selfie USA
    by RoBKTA
    Stronger Than Before ft Seth Nova Stronger Than Before ft Seth Nova
  8. Magenta
    by Seajeff
  9. Reality Check (DATA048)
    by Wojciech Golczewski
  10. Django
    by Chip Tanaka
  11. Void
    by Nanode
  12. Lights (Cerulean DanceFloor Reprise)
    by RoBKTA feat. Skye Rocket & Nikki-Chi
  13. Wi-Fu
    by RoBKTA
  14. Unbound
    by RoBKTA
  15. Sugarnaut Chundercrisp
    by Aethernaut
  16. Haunting Me EP
    by Magic Dance
  17. Checkpoint
    by Nitro Fun & Hyper Potions
  18. Don't Worry, You're Great!
    by Petriform
    You're Great! You're Great!
    i always felt that Chiptune was a genre that was best utilised when it was uplifting in nature.
    This entire album was designed to make you feel better.

    If after listening to this you feel better? then i think you deserve to give Paul your money and buy this album

    And remember, you're Great!
  19. SPACE-Bandcamp Edition-
  20. Bubble Tea Economy
    by RoBKTA