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  1. Morbid Minimalism
  2. You Complain of Being Lonely, But You Reject the Whole World
    by Scarlet Diva
  3. Split
    by Prayer Rope / Scarlet Diva
  4. Songs of Praise to the Outer Gods in These the Last Days
    by Red Hook
  5. Terminal Lucidity
    by Janna Lee
  6. Prayer Rope/New Grasping Machina Split
    by Prayer Rope/New Grasping Machina
  7. Drops of Bright Red Blood
    by Нью-йоркский потрошитель (NEW YORK RIPPER)
  8. Sancta Marina
    by Prayer Rope
  9. Diane di Prima
    by Greathumour
  10. Holding the Pendulum
    by sediment
  11. Tourniquetting
    by Niku Daruma
  12. Disgusting Spectacle
    by Fleshlicker
  13. Sex Worker III
    by Himukalt
  14. Corporal Portal
    by Soft Fantasy
  15. De Stad Is Niets Voor Mij
    by Vincent Dallas
  16. Wurdulac
    by Wurdulac
  17. Forcing The Hand
    by Maltreatment
  18. Egyptian Smoke
    by Galatea
  19. music for screens, turntables and contacts
    by steve oliver & craig tattersall
  20. Mist Clouds The View
    by knifedoutofexistence