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  1. ✞ ‡ᴍӎ▲ↄʊᴌ8 ✞
    by Lovedied
    Allow me to quote myself: edgyboy (in 2011, edgy was not an adjective) with a side of of (probably fake) occultism à la Harry Crosby. But then, Harry Crosby committed suicide, and so did lovedied, alias Greg Sattan.

    You can dance to this (I did), and exercise to this (I did), and question your black/brown- ness to this for not knowing enough Rick Ross lyrics, like I did. This is really that versatile.
  2. Society Rot in Hell
    by Strung Up
  3. the moon is a dead world
    by Gospel
    This is FINALLY on Bandcamp!!!!! This is the absolute best prog-skramz record in the entirety of history. The drumming is completely out of this world and I can not imagine a single person who likes rock music that would not love this. Please buy it!!
  4. The For Carnation
    by The For Carnation
  5. Total Recall
    by Negative Approach
  6. Tweez
    by Slint
    Nan Ding Nan Ding
    This is dang Zumbo statue, both in the greatness and in how disgusting it is. Or I may simply have no tolerance for bodily noises.
  7. Slint
    by Slint
  8. Spiderland (remastered)
    by Slint
    Don, Aman (Remastered) Don, Aman (Remastered)
  9. Here, Hear.
    by La Dispute
  10. Rooms of the House
    by La Dispute
  11. Here, Hear. II
    by La Dispute
  12. Here, Hear. III
    by La Dispute
  13. Racecar Is Very Fast
    by Reuben
  14. In Nothing We Trust
    by Reuben
  15. End On End
    by Rites of Spring
  16. Young Machetes (Bonus Track Version)
    by The Blood Brothers
  17. Crimes (Bonus Track Version)
    by The Blood Brothers
  18. The Future of What
    by Unwound
  19. Leaves Turn Inside You
    by Unwound
  20. Repetition
    by Unwound