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  1. Von Tornistern, Trümmern und Todesschreien
    by Mimir and the raging Wind
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    Die Zündschnur ist entfacht Die Zündschnur ist entfacht
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  2. The Sorcerer and the Serpent
    by Einhorn
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    The Hooded Sorcerer The Hooded Sorcerer
  3. Demo
    by The Western Lands
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    Face in the Trees Face in the Trees
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  4. The Embers Of Tara
    by The Embers Of Tara
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    The Warrior Dreams in the Realm of Sleep The Warrior Dreams in the Realm of Sleep
  5. Waldeinsamkeit
    by Winterblood
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    I I
  6. Bastards' Prison
    by Snarling Clearing
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    I. Bastards' Prison I. Bastards' Prison
  7. Germania Magna
    by Gatekeeper
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    At Twilight (Settlement) At Twilight (Settlement)
  8. Homo Novus
    by Urangst
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    I I
  9. Entering the Dungeon
    by Trolkar
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    Last Stand at Water's Edge Last Stand at Water's Edge
  10. Ledrfadir
    by Ledrfadir
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    Formed in the Void Formed in the Void
  11. Demo I
    by Vagor
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    Dwelling In Enchanted Woods Dwelling In Enchanted Woods
    Dungeon noise is something that is controversial among the small scene of dungeon synth fanatics. The idea is to explore alien sounds within the template of dungeon synth. Vagor even has a banner professing this project as a dungeon noise act. While I am sure other releases are more in line with the idea of dungeon noise, the debut demo is nothing more than a decent dungeon synth release with ragged edges. Perhaps this is a new facet of the style.
  12. Ruminations Of A Hermit (Demo)
    by Secluded Alchemist
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    Seeking Solitude In This Desolate Cave... Seeking Solitude In This Desolate Cave...
    Secluded Alchemist was something that came to me via the dungeon synth compilations. While I knew the name floating around the libraries of dungeon synth, I was taken aback by the sound and competency of the project. Here was dungeon synth cast in minimal tones which recalled both a magical aspect as well as deep melancholy. For a demo, Ruminations Of A Hermit is certainly the right step in a wonderful career.
  13. Tenebris
    by Nitlott
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    Der astrale Ursprung Teil II (Grimrik Cover) Der astrale Ursprung Teil II (Grimrik Cover)
    Not only is the music atmospheric and dreamy but it seems to be based on a story written by the artist and yet to be released. Tenebris is a fantastic record which even comes with a cover of Grimrik’s 2014 track “Der astrale Ursprung Teil II” with guest vocals from Visions of Ulnahar. If you know who all of those people are, then this record is completely for you since you.
  14. Of Hope And Fading Glory
    by Maradon
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    World of Dreams World of Dreams
    Similar to the work of Barak Tor and even Depressive Silence, Of H ope And Fading Glory is the sound of tall lonely mountains which jut out of the landscape and summon cold winds. If this is the beginning I am completely ready for whatever comes next.
  15. The Cattle Raid of Cooley
    by Argonath
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    The Boyhood Deeds of Cú Chulainn The Boyhood Deeds of Cú Chulainn
    Aragonath has already had a productive year with the release of Journey to the Otherworld which was a delightful survey of Celtic lore and mythology. The Cattle Raid of Cooley doubles down on this interest with a full album dedicated to the tale of Táin Bó Cúailnge. The energy and devotion to the source material is almost palpable with a record that is both mastered in its themes but also its dreamy melodies.
  16. Über Den Sieben Bergen
    by Isegrimm
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    Des Jägers Auftrag Des Jägers Auftrag
    Isegrimm sets up a rhythm with the themes of dungeon synth but does not go for the most well traveled roads. Both traditional and progressive with its themes, Über Den Sieben Bergen is a mystery which came out of a magic forest almost by surprise to everyone.
  17. Antediluvian Majesty
    by Frostveil
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    Antediluvian Majesty Antediluvian Majesty
    Antediluvian Majesty is a wonderful and compete work from an artist who has seemed to know the rhythm and culture of dungeon synth long before others. This is an advanced work from someone who spent their time on the other side of those cold mountains.
  18. Local Portal (Demo)
    by Hedge Wizard
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    Sidewalk Sorcery Sidewalk Sorcery
    The Local Portal demo takes the idea of dungeon synth and adds in some prominent vocals which is reminiscent of darkwave and other more flamboyant experimentations from the 80’s and 90’s underground. Wether or not this release will stick like the debut has yet to be seen but regardless, this demo is certainly a giant step for the artist and certainly moves the clock forward for a style that is wrestling with its identity.
  19. Raevult!
    by RævJäger
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    Divine Spark of the Trickster's Sigil Divine Spark of the Trickster's Sigil
    While all RævJäger albums lack the darkness rhythm of the underworld, each one is increasingly forming its own world. These are places where fey and trickers gallop around in half delirium.
  20. Somnus Reliquit
    by Urghun
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    A2 A2
    Somnus Reliquit details and devotes itself to the archaic and arcane prose of ancient Roman poets particularly their delve into dreams. It is a fascinating subject matter that is made ever more surreal with atonal dungeon synth.
  21. Goblin Music
    by Ranseur
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    Goblin Bonfire Goblin Bonfire
    While this music is certainly not for everyone, there is an undeniable charm to this type of music even adding into it the fact this does sound like music made by goblins by a greasy fire in the dawn of some bleak morning.
  22. Essence
    by Celebdil
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    The Eternal Beauty of Nature The Eternal Beauty of Nature
    Just as would say that quantity does not dictate quality, I will also say quality does not dictate quantity and if there is an artist who moves at a faster rate than others so be it. Essence is certainly interesting for being the 6th record released in a year and charts the artist’s mental progression as they use songs as written notes hashing out ideas for an audience of few.
  23. Entol
    by Llathasa
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    Forgotten Books Forgotten Books
    I have no idea who Llathasa is but Illusory Games is an Australian label/project that seems to host DS acts along side of power electronics, cold wave, and noise projects. All albums are given the same style of album covert which is near psychotic in its design. Entol is certainly an interesting cog in a machine that has yet to be identified.
  24. Autumnal Echoes
    by Waeltaja
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    Among The Ruins Among The Ruins
    Reminiscent to acts like Abandoned Places, the minimalism employed by the artists is deafening with interest in the few droning sounds enough for a captivated audience.
  25. Moonrealms
    by Ekthelion
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    Call Of The Moonlight Nymph Call Of The Moonlight Nymph
    Ekthelion still manages to grab attention with keyboard driven atmosphere which dredges up the painful memories of DS’ past. Dark dungeons and medieval ambient hang around this release like memories of a love once lost.
  26. Curse of Dark Centuries
    by Catacombs Enshadowed
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    Darkness Stirs the Windswept Woodland Darkness Stirs the Windswept Woodland
    There has been a growing interest in the dark varieties of dungeon synth which sound like haunted castles, ruined landscapes and the hum of an unsettled cave. Catacombs Enshadowed speaks to that growing interest with a release that sounds like the procession of a ghostly court. Best used to contrast the regal delicacy of other releases, Curse of Dark Centuries certainly has the ability to turn the skies black forever.
  27. Dusk (Demo 2017)
    by Forlorn Citadel
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    II II
    Demos are a fantastic way to approach the world with a low stakes release that gauge interest. If you are this artist and your 2017 demo is a fantastic release which is better than most full lengths of the year, then you already have a good future lined up in front of you.
  28. Ancestral
    by Altar
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    Tribe Tribe
    Altar is not a strict dungeon synth record rather it takes the sound and mixes it with new age and dark ambient with a tribal theme to offer something incredibly unique and inspirational. Perhaps it is just the fate of this creator to keep doing different things which open new chapters for others.
  29. Compendium I
    by DIM
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    Clandestine Clandestine
    Both competent musically and entrancing melodically, Compendium details a loose story of a wandering minstrel leaving familiar places for the embrace of the unfamiliar.
  30. Forgenoir
    by ElixiR
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    Ancient Tale Ancient Tale
    What this French based artist does is allow the listener to be transported to a magical realm that while very far away from the darkness of dungeons, is inhabited by various mystical creatures. Dreamy and arcane with shades of melancholy, Forgenoir is a welcome addition to my growing ElixiR library.
  31. March of The Triumphator
    by Barak Tor
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    The Order of The Pale Dragon The Order of The Pale Dragon
    Grand in scope both musically and thematically, March of the Triumphator signals the fires of the old dark mountain to be lit once again.
  32. The Spectral Chamber
    by Morannon
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    01 - The Spectral Chamber Part I 01 - The Spectral Chamber Part I
    Nearing formless, Morannon journeys through the hallways of abandoned structures much like a specter would wen no one is watching. Ghostly and lingering, the phantasms created by this artist is enough to haunt castles for many years.
  33. Requiem Aeternam
    by Nazgal Dracul
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    Lost Within the Forest of Doom Lost Within the Forest of Doom
    Dungeon synth moves fast and for this artist, covering as much ground seems particular important. Each of these releases come with a palette DIY sounding dungeon synth complete with long exhaustive texts to what seems like historical oddities but in fact are probably inventions of the artist. Somewhere between idiosyncrasies and mad science lies the work of a shadowy vampire.
  34. Chapter I: Hangmen's Trial
    by Carnifexian
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    Destined to be Executioner Destined to be Executioner
    Carnifexian is from Russia and the sound of both Chapter I and the recently released Chapter II is designed to appeal to the purveyors of dark minimalist dungeon synth which holds glimmers of regal melancholy.
  35. Demo
    by Nestolos
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    La Mort des Deux Étoiles La Mort des Deux Étoiles
    What is different about this demo is not only the potential for future releases but the already present quality of the demo. From the atmospheric longing of “Magie” to the classic sounds of “La Mort des Deux Étoiles,” Nestolos proposes a wondrous future to go long with their already decent present.
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  36. Compendium of Adirondack Geography
    by Nebulosa / Columnaris / Einhorn
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    St. Regis Mountain St. Regis Mountain
    Deep within the forests surrounded by castles and dungeons lies shacks populated by witchjes, hermits and madmen. Adirondack Geography seems to be regional devotions geared towards the weirdness of the Adoridacks. Through noise, dark ambient and atmospheric ruminations, these artists praise nature in the same way people do by making odd cairns with stones.
  37. Unendliche
    by RævJäger and Nahadoth
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    RævJäger - Against The Nothing (Atreyu's Choice) RævJäger - Against The Nothing (Atreyu's Choice)
    These two have decided to go strolling through magical lands and dedicated an entire release to the wonder and splendor of The Never Ending Story. With hat type of enthusiasm it is hard not to crack a smile and embrace fanciful dreams.
  38. Tunes from Hidden Places of Pichania
    by Niair de Nasqda
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    Saiqkian Dance Saiqkian Dance
    Niair de Nasqda explores the fictional world of Pichania through a combination of dungeon synth and something edging closer to the nebulous and misunderstood style oof new age music. Tunes from Hidden Places is a fantastic release from an artist that seems to have their head in a billion places. For all of the erratic nature of multiple prospects, Niair de Nasqda rests with eerie calmness in a sea of high winds and dionstant monsters.
  39. The Way of a Pilgrim
    by Digre
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    The Way of a Pilgrim - 1 / The Anaphora for the Liturgy of Saint Basil the Great The Way of a Pilgrim - 1 / The Anaphora for the Liturgy of Saint Basil the Great
    The Way of the Pilgrim continues Dirges exploration in what sounds like Saturday evenings in front of a CRT monitor playing a biblical fantasy computer game. Dirge expands on the initial interest in chip based spiritual music from fleeting novelty into full blown obsession.
  40. Einbúinn
    by Vættur
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    Hulduljóð Hulduljóð
    While still within the dungeon synth extended family, the primary attraction for Einbúinn is clean and melancholic piano work with moody synth as a distant backdrop. Vættur not only captures a forlorn longing which feels attached to ancestral memory but also is able to showcase a variety of interesting choices for sound. From wind instruments to choral chants which sound like the cries of ancient seafarers, Einbúinn is intriguing from start to finish.
  41. The Mycelium Chronicles
    by Darien Dabbs
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    Mycelium 2 Mycelium 2
    The Mycelium Chronicles along with all other work under the artists realish name is geared towards dark ambient and real spaced out sounds. Foglord has already had a fantastic release this year with The Healing Gardens and The Mycelium Chronicles is an interesting experiment into the worship of artists like Neptune Towers. This artist has always been geared towards exploration and whether or not people are along for the ride doesn’t seem to be a premiere concern for this psychonaut.
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  42. Symphony No​.​1 - "Let us drink to life not getting any better"
    by Effluvium
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    Let Us Drink Let Us Drink
    I do not think Effuvium ever intended to make dungeon synth but got caught running around with contemporary classical and noise music to really care what time curfew was. Symphony #1 is dedicated to Dimitri Shostakovich with a quote the feels lik it is attributed to the Russian pianist but is another false flag in a theater of odd red herrings. Walking a line of experimental and apocalyptic sounds, Effluvium makes music much in the same way people wake up from night terrors.
  43. Europa
    by Dieux Des Cimetières
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    Nürnberg Waltz Nürnberg Waltz
    On a purely musical level, however, Europa is nothing short of fantastic with aching melodies that are strung over long landscapes of synth and atmosphere. This is the third release from the artist that appeared on Bandcamp just last month and not a day has gon by that I have not been intrigued and fascinated with this music.
  44. Ruin of old things (compilation)
    by ElixiR
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    Renaître des cendres Renaître des cendres
    More designed for completetists and ElixiR fans, The ruin of Old things has enough merit and quality to entice new people into the magical world where forest sprites dwell and play sad songs.
  45. Martyryxan
    by Digre
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    23:00 - Herre, giv mig tårar, tanke på döden samt förkrosselse. 23:00 - Herre, giv mig tårar, tanke på döden samt förkrosselse.
    This is spiritual music run through chip processors which could halfway between overland music for videogames and if the whole of the medieval period was cast in 8 bit. Dirge is an odd duck in just about every genre of music you try assign to them and it is just that uniqueness which makes this release so wonderful.