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Dale kempster

  1. Hip-Hop/Rap
  1. collection 65
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  1. Son Of Pelasgus
    by jakprogresso
  2. Vane
    by jakprogresso
  3. Lou Reed 2000
    by Lee Scott
  4. Pestilence
    by Jakprogresso
  5. Bad Acid
    by jakprogresso
  6. Psychemania
    by jakprogresso
  7. B Movie Millionaires EP
    by Lee Scott & Black Josh (B-Movie Millionaires)
  8. Klutz
    by Aesop Rock
  9. Random Violence
    by Jakprogresso
  10. Magus Grim
    by jakprogresso
  11. Black Tar Magician
    by Jakprogresso
  12. Hollow man Theories Valium 1
    by Jakprogresso
  13. jakprogresso x aloeight
    by toadmilk
  14. Billy Green is Dead
    by Jehst
  15. Energy Exorcist
    by Jakprogresso
  16. Crawlspace Tapes Vol.1
    by Jakprogresso
  17. Dark Energy Judo
    by Jakprogresso
  18. Three/Three
    by Dabrye
  19. Ouija Slang
    by Jack Danz
  20. Chapters From The Padded Cell
    by Jack Danz
  21. Magus Grim
    by jakprogresso
  22. I Don't Care
    by Jonwayne
  23. homesick
    by sleepdealer
  24. Nervous
    by Lee Scott
  26. Lighthouse Tape
    by Trellion
  28. Cult Member
    by Milkavelli
  29. The Church Restaurant Official Soundtrack
    by Danny Lover
    by Sniff x Morriarchi
  31. The New Acid Test EP
    by Jakprogresso and Sebrox
  32. Dark Energy Judo
    by Jakprogresso
  33. The Walking Miscarriage
    by Jakprogresso
  34. drum + bass
    by J. Fisher
    appears in 1 other collection
  35. Count to Five and then Revive
    by Mont Sombre
  36. The Gruesome Features
    by Jam Baxter
  37. Tines by the Murky River - Zingle
    by Mont Sombre
  38. fjsher raw
    by J. Fisher
  39. swegULTRA
    by Danny Lover & Luke Luscious
  40. Don't Look in the Basement
    by Jakprogresso
  41. Bag Of Illy EP
    by Figment
  42. Strange Harvest
    by Trellion & Sniff
  43. Just Drink EP
    by Children of The Damned
  44. The Wrong Bootleg Demo EP
    by Lee Scott
  45. The Beginning of the Sun Thing
    by Min Cinder