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  1. Christchurch, New Zealand
  2. Alternative
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  3. following 39
    by Otoboke Beaver
  2. Suddenly Everything Is Twice As Loud
    by Alien Nosejob
  3. The First Two Records
    by Bikini Kill
  4. Disrhythms
    by eves
  5. Scenes From The South Island
    by Roy Montgomery
  6. The Riff Rats
    by The Riff Rats
    Burn Babylon Burn! Burn Babylon Burn!
  7. Look Me in the Eye
    by Mermaidens
  8. You Do You
    by Negative Nancies
  9. Blazing Fires And Helicopters On The Frontpage Of The Newspaper. There's A War Going On And I'm Marching In Heavy Boots
    by Suffocate for fuck sake
  10. Fragment Series 2: Circle Bros / Karina ESP
    by Circle Bros / Karina ESP
  11. MIEN
    by MIEN
  12. Awakening
    by Sacred Reich
  13. South Auckland Girls in the Garage
    by Coolies
  14. Promises Promises *Remastered*
    by Die! Die! Die!
  15. WOUND
    by Various Artists
  16. Snow Bound
    by The Chills
  17. O
    by Die! Die! Die!
  18. IV
  19. VOID-002 - 暗号零
    by 暗号零
  20. yaw
    by eves
  21. Wax Chattels
    by Wax Chattels
    Stay Disappointed Stay Disappointed
  22. Ov Pain
    by Ov Pain
    cold as ice cold as ice
  23. Gravemind
    by Gravemind
    Street Ghost Street Ghost
    Why do I love this? Because it's quite simply brilliant.
  24. Ultra High Dimensionality
    by Haikai No Ku
    Takes me to another place.
  25. Witness Disco
    by L$D Fundraiser
    Side 1O1N1E Side 1O1N1E
    Simply brilliant.
  26. Beekeeper/Bastardknocker
    Perfect zoning out.
  27. I follow the moon
    by seht
    Ambient masterpiece.