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  1. The Complete Chronicles, Vol. 2
    by Bassic
    Alien Alien
    A document of a brief but glorious era, when reigned supreme. Does it stand the test of time? Well, here I am, still hard pressed to pick a favorite track.
  2. Biochrome
    by Bassic
    Synapse Synapse
    For atmospheric music, Bassic is your go-to guy.
  3. Voco
    by Bassic
    Dreamer Dreamer
    Top notch quality as always.
  4. Brighter Than The Sun
    by Bassic
    Figure of Power Figure of Power
    One of my all time favorite albums. Synthetic elegance with a touch of whimsy.
  5. Daydreamer
    by Bassic
    Powder Snow Powder Snow
    My go-to relaxation music for about two decades now. It helps me concentrate at work.
  6. Autumn Every Day
    by Jamie Paige
    It's 2013 Again (feat. ODDEEO) It's 2013 Again (feat. ODDEEO)
    Bright, sparkly, heartfelt.
  7. Anew, Again
    by Jamie Paige
    Good Time, Lead Line Good Time, Lead Line
    So bubbly!
  8. Songs I Hate
    by Envelope Generator
    Hypocrisy Hypocrisy
    An 80's retro gem.
  9. Eliza the Android EP
    by Envelope Generator
    Radio Silence Radio Silence
  10. If We're Not Talking
    by Vivek Shraya
    Fevered Fevered
  11. Gemini
    by Bytemapper
    Solace Solace
  12. Parallax
    by Josef Kenny
    Boneyard Boneyard
  13. Terraform
    by Josef Kenny
    Track You Down Track You Down
  14. Telephone Dreams (EP)
    by Wolf Circus
    Telephone Dreams Telephone Dreams
  15. Periwinkle Easter
    by Wolf Circus
    I Don’t Want to Go Back I Don’t Want to Go Back
    Sun with face emoji.
  16. Are You Happy?
    by Ara.K
    Kumquats Kumquats
    appears in 1 other collection
  17. Splendor Dysphoria
    by SuperKnova
    City Glow City Glow
  18. Rae Spoon With Jesus And His Judgemental Father
    by Rae Spoon With Jesus And His Judgemental Father
    Do Whatever The Fuck You Want Do Whatever The Fuck You Want
  19. Sad Song Sunday
    by Rae Spoon
    Death By Elektro Death By Elektro
  20. Jump With Your Eyes Closed
    by Rae Spoon
    Jump With Your Eyes Closed Jump With Your Eyes Closed