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  1. Memory 417
    by In Quantum
  2. Панихида
    by Krzysztof Drabikowski
  3. Bells of Awakening
    by Visigoth
  4. Flub
    by Flub
  5. Velothi
    by The Ritual Aura
  6. Weltennacht
    by Ellende
  7. Oni-Chan!
    by Others by No One
  8. Accursed
    by Vale Of Pnath
  9. Lebensnehmer
    by Ellende
  10. Cosmic Dissonance (Remastered)
    by The Zenith Passage
  11. Oni-Chan!
    by Others by No One
    Damn! This slaps.
    Others by no one are not only super talented, but great dudes too!
    True music.
  12. Crush The Parasites EP
    by The Alex Jones Prison Planet
  13. Super Heavy Galactic Stuff
    by The Alex Jones Prison Planet
  14. Demo 2014
    by Numenorean
  15. w^w^^w^w
    by Car Bomb
  16. Meta
    by Car Bomb
  17. Book I: Dr. Breacher
    by Others by No One
    There are very few albums that can hit me the way that this album does. I feel emotionally invested in the story. I am a very picky metal fan especially with prog, And these guys have pushed the boundaries again every aspect of the vocals and instrumentation flow so well.

    Expect big thing from these humanoids
  18. Chaosborne
    by Empyrean Throne
  19. Tæther
    by The Ritual Aura
  20. Efference
    by Asira
  21. Illuminance
    by Virvum
  22. Todbringer
    by Ellende
  23. Efference
    by Asira
    Phosphorous Phosphorous
    These guys effortlessly switch through genres of metal and ambience in a way that keeps you interested the whole album through. If you like music that doesn't suck and want to take an emotion rollercoaster ride of glory then you will love this album.
  24. The Malkuth Grimoire
    by Alkaloid