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Kabir Kumar

  1. Oakland, California
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  1. Every Other
    by Hey Elbow
    Martin Martin
    This album is like if Victoria Legrand of Beach House got really into polyrhythms and gigantic synth swells. It's driving, huge, choral music that represents the human drive to be sublimated by the grandeur and terror of nature, eternally foiled by the clank of industry and the churn of the money machine.
  2. Sam Bailey
    by Sam Bailey
    We're Still Fun We're Still Fun
    How do you describe the nicest man in the world? Is it the way he invites you to dance throughout this seven-song album, recorded all by himself in an empty house in MI? Or is it the way every song feels candid and easygoing on the surface, but full of little moments you just can't pin down without listening again...and again? Either way, you'll probably like him.
  3. High Thunder Purification Sound
    by Forest Floor
    Baboquivari Baboquivari
    A deep, dark trip through folk, metal, pop and country with a friendly, whimsical hand at the wheel at all times. Put this on any time you feel alone and scared.
  4. Electric Balloon
    by Ava Luna
    Daydream Daydream
    Slashy post-punk meets flashy R&B in a lo-fi setting; great harmonies abound!
  5. Sports EP
    by Speedy Ortiz
    Basketball Basketball
  6. Nathan Jones is Dead
    by ghostpal
    Too Much, Pt. 2 Too Much, Pt. 2
    A ragged, emotionally raw record with intense dynamic shifts.
  7. Canter On
    by Slothbear
    Galloping Galloping
  8. EA007: Services EP
    by Ava Luna
    Clips Clips