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  1. Amsterdam, Netherlands
  2. Alternative
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  1. parazit
    by Parazit
    two right arms two right arms
  2. Diazepam
    by Bald Rapunzel
    Sun Drop Sun Drop
  3. through the sloe
    by through the sloe
    eventhough eventhough
  4. Stars Don't Shine to Noise
    by Headfall
    Places I Went Because of You Places I Went Because of You
    if you love other Bristol slowcore acts like Crescent and Movietone, you'll love this as well.
  5. Home Doesn't Have Four Walls
    by Poorly Drawn House
    Night Hawks Night Hawks
    lovely record, reminiscent of pre-2000's Hood.
  6. MOVIETONE "Peel Sessions 1994 - 1997"
    by Textile Records
    Hydra Hydra
  7. Wave Your Moonlight Hat for the Snowfall Train
    by You'll Never Get To Heaven
    Dust Dust
  8. Portfolio
    by Minimum Chips
    Grogmonster Grogmonster
  9. Source Crossfire
    by Sofa
    String Of Lights String Of Lights
  10. Field 831
    by Fonn
    Squall Squall
  11. Evil Ones And Zeros
    by Immense
    Don't You Know How To Use Flippers? Don't You Know How To Use Flippers?
  12. To Weave a Wall
    by Computer Dating
    Phil Gras Phil Gras
  13. Bent Spanner, Arty Banner
    by Bent Spanner, Arty Banner
    Girlsplinters Girlsplinters
  14. Candle "Beginning Blue Uncut"
    by Candle/ Carmine/ J. Retaillaud
  15. On Cloud 9...
    by De Wig
    Zat Clown Zat Clown
  16. Have You Ever Heard A Smile?
    by Slower Than
    Orange Popov Orange Popov
    appears in 1 other collection
  17. Drachenhöhle (PS 005)
    by Rroselicoeur
    The Dark side of Johan L. The Dark side of Johan L.
  18. Dasein Ohne Leben
    by ONQ
    Una Brutta Storia Di Droga Una Brutta Storia Di Droga
  19. Use Less
    by Trunks
    Quiet cat Quiet cat
  20. Anthology
    by Bubble Jug
    I Have Pictures I Have Pictures