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  1. Noir & Jazz & Dark & Slow...
    Zen Noir Zen Noir
    It’s actually amazing how Miami can be as much Noir as NYC - from the vibes of Miami Vice to the unofficial city motto “A sunny place for shady people”. Palm trees at night are very Noir, too. Here you have best of both worlds - compositions conceived in Miami and recorded in NYC with the bridge of Noir Jazz.
  2. To Laura (Twin Peaks Theme)
    You can never go wrong with Twin Peaks and Dark Jazz, can you? Well, here is Twin Peaks main theme played by Dark Jazz musicians with added post-rock textures and ambience. Next level, for sure.
  3. Relativity In D (Stages I-III)
    by Rocket Silence
    22 minutes of a Drone / Experimental Suite that builds itself from Minimalism (think La Monte Young, early Terry Riley) through noise and feedback (think Lou Reed's Metal machine Music, early Rhys Chatham and Glenn Branca) to almost Modern Classical composition - all of it with the distinctive NYC No-Wave feel. This one is MASSIVE.
  4. 10 NESS SEE
    by Kolin Zein
    An exercise in reductionism and minimalism, an attempt to remove ego from the art, an attempt to elevate guitar expressionism to the purest form ever without touching a single fret and plucking a single string. Huge thanks to ZT Amplifiers for creating Lunchbox amp that can run off 9V batteries, Godin Guitars for creating A6 Ultra, Tascam for portable recording equipment and GameChanger Audio for Light Pedal. Special thanks to all insects, trees and wind participating in this recording.
  5. Exit: Relativity
    by Kolin Zein
    Exit: Relativity (Movements I-III, Live) Exit: Relativity (Movements I-III, Live)
    From the depth of pitch black gutters near poisonous Gowanus Canal in Brooklyn New York these two pieces showcase the sonic madness imploding into dark ambient / drone soundscapes.
  6. WARD054 - NEONNOONE - Noir & Jazz & Dark & Slow ASMR EP
    by Signora Ward Records
    Perfect companion for your neat drink on the fire escape staring on dark windows and empty streets at 2AM when everything is black and white. I'd say cheers to that!
  7. The Nightingale - A Tribute to Julee Cruise
    by Signora Ward Records
    NEONNOONE - To Laura NEONNOONE - To Laura
    Such a great tribute to gone but not forgotten Julee Cruise. It's such an honor to be able to contribute an opening (and the closing, too) tracks for this brilliant Dark Jazz release. Thank you Adriano for organizing and releasing this one!
  8. Drinking at Midnight - Noir Doom Dark Jazz Vol. II
    by Signora Ward Records
  9. Out Of Here
    by ANTENNA
    (I'll Call It) Home (I'll Call It) Home
    When you have Martin Bisi (Sonic Youth, Swans, Ramones, Iggy Pop) managing the sound, Brian Viglione (Dresden Dolls, Nine Inch Nails) behind the drum kit, you know this one is gonna slap, and it does.
  10. 33170
    by The Random Midi Quartet
  11. Sleepy Town of Winter
    by Dead Melodies
  12. The Drear is spreading
    by Vainoras and the altar of the drill
  13. Black
    by Kevin Richard Martin
  14. Empty Floors
    by Midnight Smoke
  15. Spectropia Suite Remastered
    by Elliott Sharp Soundtracks
  16. Junkie Movie Music
    by Mademoiselle Plume Rouge
  17. Engenderine
    by Aidan Baker
  18. My Neon
    by Ghostwoods
    Brighter Now Brighter Now
    Big, complex, cinematic, smart and beautifully recorded. Modern composition meets Dark Jazz and Improv. Such a rare thing these days. Grab it and listen to it immediately!
  19. Cuadernos (EP)
    by Toskajazz
    Tensión Tensión
    Such a beautiful Dark Jazz EP from Buenos Aires, Argentina. Sophisticated, atmospheric. Especially adore guitar work - the tone and tastefulness is top notch! Highly recommend.
  20. Jazz On Film...Film Noir
    by Various