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  3. following 2
    by pronobozo
    Coming Back Coming Back
  2. It's Time...
    by shpakoo
    Awakening Awakening
    And there's no mystical design,
    No cosmic lover preassigned.
    There's nothing you can find
    that can not be found.
    'Cause with all the changes
    you've been through
    It seems the stranger's always you.
    Alone again in some new
    Wicked little town

    Strangely, as I listen to Awakening, I feel the lyrics from this particular Hedwig reprise float across and make perfect sense. Always a realization of who I am, only reinvented over and over.

    500 words are not enough for each song in this collection.
  3. Still (Radio Edit)
    by shpakoo
    What if you were in the transcendental Tardis floating across the universe? What if you were suddenly able to fly with the clouds? What if the day progressed backwards, the evening changed into the afternoon, which morphed into the morning? What if you were able to change at will and still be all that you wanted to be? Holding still amidst all the new beginnings, embracing the unknown while colouring it with knowns - that is what this song means to me. There is no end, just infinite beginnings.
  4. Silent Night and Other Christmas Carols
    by shpakoo
    I have always loved Christmas Carols. They were part of the most delicious time of the year growing up - rich plum and raisin christmas cakes, sparkling christmas trees, a long break from school and the promise of a brand new year. This particular song weaves some of my most favourite tunes together into this absolutely rich melody. It unfailingly brings nostalgia and believe it or not, I can almost smell the spicy tones of the christmas cake and taste the dark raisins when I listen to it.
  5. Come2Me
    by shpakOO
    This is by far the toughest track to describe. It's like the knot of nervousness before a big event in life turned into music. Only, you are trying hard to convince yourself that it's really not that intimidating. Perhaps, in that moment, you also recognize that not everyone else sees it as significant. Between the knots are flights of fancy that your mind constructs to escape the anxiety of the moment. What will be the outcome? Will you be successful? Will your world remain the same? Who knows.