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  1. Buried At Sea - Migration
    by Buried At Sea
    [untitled I] [untitled I]
    One of my favorite records of all time. Incredibly dense, slow, and heavy. Brilliantly mixed, too -- I listen to this with every new pair of headphones and speakers I get my hands on, and I'm still discovering sounds in there after listening for years. Super psyched that it's been reissued and excited to finally be able to buy the record first hand.
  2. Bell Witch Demo 2011
    by Bell Witch
    The Moment The Moment
  3. The Frailty Of Human Existence
    by Plague Mask
    Sink And Drown Sink And Drown
  4. Soma
    by Windhand
    Orchard Orchard
  5. The Earth Wants Us Dead
    by Sea of Bones
    The Stone The Slave And The Architect The Stone The Slave And The Architect