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Joshua Vincent

  1. Austin, Texas
  2. Metal
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  1. Delve Into the Mysteries of Transcendence
    by Suspiral
  2. Foul and Defiled
    by Coffin Lurker
  3. we are none of us
    by Glyph
  4. Sus
    by PoiL
  5. Face to Face Against American Primitivism in Eastern Europe vol. 2
    by Jakub Šimanský
  6. Exhale Extender
    by Václav Havelka III
  7. I
    by Epitaphe
  8. Matka Na Sabacie
    by Death Like Mass
  9. Universal Prayer
    by Golden Spine
  10. The Night They Came Home
    by Mr. Bungle
  11. La Mort Noir Dans Esch / Alzette
    by SUNN O)))
  12. The Common Task
    by Horse Lords
  13. Slay In Hell
    by Steel Bearing Hand
  14. Triad of the Monolith Rising
    by Cosmic Behemoth
  15. Cantus, Descant
    by Sarah Davachi
  16. Sus
    by PoiL
  17. Apotheosis
  18. Vacuum γ-Noise Transition
    by DSKNT
  19. Arvor Mysteri
    by Ynkleudherhenavogyon
  20. I
    by Illusion Ritual