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  1. I Am Legion (Instrumental)
    by The Coldwell Conspiracy
  2. Trip to Indonesia
    by WEEDIAN
  3. Black Magic
    by Monsters Flesh
  4. Doom All Over The World
    by Deer Creek
  5. Menticide
    by Deer Creek
    I made it almost to the end of the first track before I purchased the entire discography!! Low, slow and some real fuckin’ interesting monolithic mayhem along the way. Explore Deer Creek for yourself and see where you end up.
  6. Church Of Misery/Deer Creek split 12"
    by Deer Creek
  7. Light Of The Blessed Sun
    by Deer Creek
  8. Jen's Motorworld
    by Deer Creek
  9. Theriac
    by Deer Creek
  10. Quisling
    by Deer Creek
    by 1001STONED
  12. SAT064: Aneurysm / Maghanat / Thrash Bombz - Sicilian Thrash Attack Of Death [split] (2013)
    by Satanath Records
  13. Dying Wizard + Mantras Split
    by The Swamp Records
    The Swamp Krewe exclusive
  14. Above Right
    by Dead Panda
  15. I
    by Commoner
    This will put hairs on ya chest, or hairs on the hairs of ya hairy chest!! Its like a group of Blacksmiths created a band and hand forged their instruments in a fiery furnace then set about using your ears as an anvil. Pounding with precision and relentless might!!
  16. Nyhilia
    by kvrv
    Gothic glam collides with a British melancholy. An interesting fusion of ideas that only grow more wildly with the visual concept. You can sense the presence of the Thin White Duke lurking in the shadows.
  17. Looking for Transcendence
    by Indigo Raven
  18. Blaise the Seeker: Surrounded
    by Guided Meditation Doomjazz
  19. Ascia volumes I-III
    by Ascia
    When the guitarist of Black Capricorn designs your cover art, you got it made!!!
    by 1001STONED