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Justin Patrick Moore

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  2. Ambient
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  1. NightJam
    by Scanner
  2. The Crystalline Address
    by Scanner + Kim Cascone
  3. Public Record: Estuary
    by Scanner
  4. Brinkmann + Scanner
    by Thomas Brinkmann + Scanner
  5. Wing Pinger
    by Scanner
  6. Scanner Sunday #3
    by Scanner
    fan club exclusive
  7. Lost Futures
    by Marisa Anderson/William Tyler
  8. Some Heavy Ocean
    by Emma Ruth Rundle
  9. A Hero's Death
    by Fontaines D.C.
  10. Fall Asleep
    20,000 Leagues Underneath The Serpent 20,000 Leagues Underneath The Serpent
    I heard this side project from Leah and Mickey before I heard Leah's primary band Slothrust. I love them both. I hope ANMLPLNET does something else again, as this side develops things under an absinthe tinged blacklight, perfect for stormy nights. (Every song is great too.)
  11. Loss Less
  12. Soursob s/t debut LP
    by SOURSOB
    TV TV
    These are the kind of sour sounds that actually soothe the synapses! & remember kids, kill your television.
  13. Waves of Beauty- Nada Yoga Volume 2
    by cuni durand
  14. Kedarika- Nada Yoga Volume 1
    by cuni durand
  15. Frank
    by Scanner
  16. Play Along
    by Scanner
  17. This Place To Be
    by Steve Roach
  18. Technorama
    by Scannerfunk
  19. Room with a View
    by Scanner
    fan club exclusive
  20. AS IT IS
    by Steve Roach
    Threshold Meditation Threshold Meditation
    Billowing thought forms emerge as sound portals in this blessed offering from the ambient master.