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  1. Foreverglade
    by Worm
    by Machine Music
  3. Astral Folklore
    by Blood Tower
  4. Northern Smoke
    by Blood Tower
  5. Effluvium / Blood Tower
    by Effluvium / Blood Tower
  6. Skull Bearer / Blood Tower
    by Skull Bearer / Blood Tower
  7. Blood Tower / Roman Master
    by Blood Tower / Roman Master
  8. Bitter Old Wizard / Blood Tower
    by Bitter Old Wizard / Blood Tower
  9. Clock Dreams
    by Blood Tower
  10. Therianthropic Spell
    by Blood Tower
  11. Posture Magic
    by Blood Tower
  12. Blood Tower / Apothecarium
    by Blood Tower / Apothecarium
  13. Kikimora
    by Blood Tower
  14. Blood Tower
    by Blood Tower
  15. A Night of Fine Wine and Hideous Voices
    by Blood Tower
  16. Autumn Bohollow
    by Guild Of Lore
  17. Vazio (Atmospheric Death/Doom Metal)
    by SEPULCROS (Portugal)
  18. Disembowelment
    by Disembowelment
  19. Void Witch 2021 Demo
    by Void Witch
    Asphyxiation Ritual Asphyxiation Ritual
    To drop a debut demo and seem like seasoned band of ten years is something rare, especially as a new band. One begins to wonder if Void Witch is one of those “one person” projects where a super-talented person dwells in a laboratory for 17 hours a day and perfects each note. Or is it a super group of death metal royalty? Nay.

    Void Witch stirs a promising brew for death/doom. It’s almost overwhelming how each song progresses into something more fucking heavy and fierce with each passing moment.
  20. Iskall
    by Iskall