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  1. Life Support
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    Monster Meat Monster Meat
  2. Meridian
    by the Soil & the Sun
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    Are You? Are You?
  3. Arrayed Above the Seraphim Lights
    by Even Oxen
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    Luma Luma
    "Bersain Beristain made his debut as Even Oxen last year with an uncompromisingly odd self-titled EP, and the full-length Arrayed fulfills that promise and more, with a kaleidoscopic eight tracks that run from chamber instrumentals to tuneful freak folk to vivid experimental soundscapes."
  4. Grand Tours
    by Seaside Holiday
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    Etchings of Yesterday Etchings of Yesterday
  5. The Eternal Son
    by Rivers & Robots
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    Wait For You Wait For You
  6. WPA /When I Get To Where They're Taking Us
    by Bill Mallonee & The Big Sky Ramblers (March/2016)
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  7. New Jerusalem
    by Kenny Meeks
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    When Jesus Takes You Dancin' When Jesus Takes You Dancin'
    "... Recalling Johnny Cash's American Recordings series (not just in sound, either - look at that cover art), it's a solid offering from an accomplished songwriter and slide guitarist whose cohort of studio collaborators help to serve up a collection that oscillates between sizzling southern rock and reflective acoustic odes..."
  8. Hollow Square Hymnal
    by Cardiphonia
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    IDUMEA (And am I born to die?) IDUMEA (And am I born to die?)
    "The distinctive and powerful tradition of shape note singing has seen something of a revival over the last decade or so - there are an increasing number of "sings" happening, but traces have shown up in a lot of other music, too... The songs' folk arrangements have a varying fidelity to the a cappella originals, but they're united by a stripped-down sensibility that's appropriate to the Lenten season."
  9. Fear and Loving
    by Sam Rocha
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    Folk Phenomenology Folk Phenomenology
    "... Vancouver-based musician Sam Rocha's Late to Love was one of the most memorably unique records of 2014; billed as an "Augustinian soul" concept album, it interpreted the saint's Confessions with unusually cerebral, spiritual lyrics and a hybrid R&B/folk sound. Its follow-up, Fear and Loving, was released on January 1 and dials back the R&B influence, with a heavier focus on Rocha's acoustic guitar work while introducing a couple new elements, too..."
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  10. The Exitus and Reditus of Andrew Darkstar Parrish
    by Dear Other
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    The Shadow Cast The Shadow Cast
    ".. Indie rock has a special knack for inflating personal crises into general apocalypses, but this debut from Ohio six-piece Dear Other flips enough of those genre conventions on their head to work both as a promising foretaste of a talented band and a pleasure in its own right..."
  11. As Stowaways in Cabinets of Surf, We Live-out in Our Members a Kind of Rebirth
    by Half-handed Cloud
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    The Sea Has No Face The Sea Has No Face
  12. We Haven't Just Been Told, We Have Been Loved
    by Half-handed Cloud
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    In Holy Pursuit In Holy Pursuit
  13. Doodads
    by Robot Science
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    You Are A Person You Are A Person
    by Not Blood Paint
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    Shingling Shingling
  15. Silver & Gold
    by Sufjan Stevens
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    Silent Night Silent Night
  16. Seven Swans Reimagined
    by On Joyful Wings
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    To Be Alone With You To Be Alone With You
  17. All Delighted People EP
    by Sufjan Stevens
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    Heirloom Heirloom