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Hugh Mungus Johnson

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  1. Seeing Double Acting Single
    by The Slick Skillet Serenaders
  2. The Superelevators
    by The Superelevators
    If you've ever thought "golly gee it sure would be great if music could run me over like a fucking train" this album is for you. If the guys in ZZ Top had a single dick between the three of em they would sound like The Superelevators.
  3. I'm All Yours
    by Rich Hope
  4. Angry At The Sun
    by Them Animals
    Dan Duquette Dan Duquette
    for a few years now I've been searching for bands that bring back the fun and energy of rock bands of the 50's and 60's without wallowing in nostalgia or cloning that sound and as soon as I heard the first song on this ep I could feel that thing I'd been looking for
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  5. Clean
    by Whores.
  6. The Nail
    by Machinist!
  7. 4 Massive Hits
    by Jim's Big Ego
  8. Samba Manouche
    by The Vignes Rooftop Revival
  9. Kurushimi
    by Kurushimi
  10. Fall In Love With Swing (EP)
    by Trio Manouche
  11. Side One
    by Spencer Zweifel Trio
  12. Live at Grillby's
    by insaneintherainmusic
  13. Thrift Set Orchestra
    by Thrift Set Orchestra
  14. Spirits of Rhythm, Chapter 1: Shaw 'Nuff
    by Moonshine Rhythm Club
  15. Bearing (2016)
    by Bearing
  16. Final Spell
    by Visigoth
  17. SCUM LIFE (reissue)
    by Positive Control
  18. Pomeranian Piss Puddle E.P.
  19. SWILL
    by The Harakiris
  20. X-Ray Vision: too fat to skate
    by Born Dead Records