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  1. Paris, France
  2. Jazz
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  1. Populous - Night Safari
    by Bad Panda
    Vu (feat. Clap! Clap!) Vu (feat. Clap! Clap!)
    by Daddy Longlegs
    42 East 42 East
  3. Burd
    by Wilma Vritra
    Shallow Grave Shallow Grave
  4. Jambú e Os Míticos Sons Da Amazônia
    by Various
  5. "metá metá"
    by METÁ METÁ
    obatalá obatalá
  6. Sinner's Syndrome
    by Moderator
  7. Out Of This World
    by Siya Makuzeni
  8. We Out Here
    by We Out Here
    Abusey Junction Abusey Junction
  9. Quema Quema Quema
    by Kanaku Y El Tigre
    Si Te Mueres Mañana Si Te Mueres Mañana
  10. Shake Shake Love
    by Siri Karlsson
  11. Lyrebird
    by Dr(Dr)one
    by Lucio Bukowski
  13. All This I Do For Glory
    by Colin Stetson
    Spindrift Spindrift
  14. Tocando Tierra
    by MUERDO
  15. Dźwięki ukryte
    by Jachna / Mazurkiewicz / Buhl
    Nie wiem, myślę Nie wiem, myślę
  16. Paradise Lost
    by Renegades Of Jazz
  17. sans. chantilly
    by odezenne
    Bonus track : Chat suicide Bonus track : Chat suicide
  18. L'Homme Alité
    by Lucio Bukowski & Oster Lapwass
    Synesthète Synesthète
  19. TCHOUEN (La difficulté initiale)
    by Lucio Bukowski