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  1. Grief Process
    by Tom Hodge & Floex
  2. The Teaching Robot
    by Danny Baranowsky
  3. In Other Waters OST
    by Amos Roddy
  4. Heirloom
    by Pleasure Systems
  5. Axiom Verge 2 Soundtrack
    by Thomas Happ
  6. Axiom Verge Soundtrack
    by Thomas Happ
  7. owch ost collection
    by owch
  8. Sephonie Demo OST
    by melos han-tani
  9. Hyper Light Drifter
    by Disasterpeace
  10. Manifold Garden (Original Soundtrack)
    by Laryssa Okada
  11. oh
    by Anna Eichenauer // Numbers And Months
  12. Singularity
    by kuraine
  13. Dawn Ouroboros
    by kuraine
  14. Celeste Original Soundtrack
    by Lena Raine
  15. ESCISM (ESC Original Soundtrack)
    by Lena Raine
  16. Circle
    by Phil France
  17. Wargroove
    by Phonetic Hero
    by Phonetic Hero
    Towering Chieftain Towering Chieftain
    I'm not even that interested in playing Wargroove but I can absolutely appreciate the aesthetics and music, and I also have a definite soft spot for bagpipes done right.
  19. Fara (unreleased)
    by Vincent Rubinetti
  20. Dandara: Trials of Fear Edition
    by Thommaz Kauffmann