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  1. Live At The Hacienda
    by Inca Babies
  2. Next Phase MLP (LUNGS-148)
    by UBIK
  3. Away from the Sun
    by Majestic Horses
  4. Kebab Disco
  5. Get Down Get With It
    by Jim Jones and the Righteous Mind
  6. The Beginning & End Of Cereal Killer
    by Cereal Killer
  7. Jeanines
    by jeanines
  8. Here'sThe Mick Trouble LP
  9. When The Tree Bears Fruit
    by Parsnip
  10. Influence
    by No Sister
  11. They Get There
    by Haybaby
  12. Ill Globo 'Promoted To Glory' CS
    by Unwound Records
  13. Wasted Energy
    by Press Club
  14. Snake
    by Rocket Science
  15. Jump In, The Water's Fine
    by The Wedding Present
  16. Useless Coordinates
    by Drahla
  17. Spitting Out Moonlight
    by Hierophants
  18. We Rule The Universe
    by The Beach Bullies
  19. ...Present The World In Handcuffs
  20. Positive Energy LP (LUNGS-070)
    by DIÄT
  21. Positive Disintegration LP (LUNGS-121)
    by DIÄT
  22. White Riot / The Name Of The Game
    by the Wedding Present and Cinerama
  23. Cool Evil
    by Glued
  24. Made in China
    by The UV Race
  25. On Top!
    by Straight Arrows
  26. The Seduction of Kansas
    by PRIESTS
  27. Buffet Of Love 12"EP
    by Alien Nosejob
  28. Do It Better Again
    by Gonzo
  29. Late Teens
    by Press Club
  30. Instant Nostalgia
    by Bas Jan
  31. Failure American Style
    by Paramount Styles
  32. Palm Springs & Friends
    by Palm Springs
  33. Tits and Nails
  34. Low Lights
    by Deep Heat
  35. Whipping Boy EP
    by Wives
  36. Endless Waves
    by Infinite Void
  37. Weird Friends
    by Moody Beaches
  38. New Centre Of The Universe, Vol. 3
    by Various Artists
  39. Spit On It & Give It A Name
    by Jackson Reid Briggs & The Heaters
  40. Nihilism EP
    by Shilpa Ray
  41. What's Real Anymore
    by Brian Henry Hooper
    by Brian Henry Hooper
  43. Slack Slack Music
    by Gareth Sager
  44. Hollywood High
    by Mike Hudson & The Pagans
  45. A Fish Hook An Open Eye
    by Shilpa Ray