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  1. Mega Man III Remade
    by RushJet1
  2. Mega Man 2 Remade
    by RushJet1
    Wood Man Wood Man
  3. 20XX (Original Game Soundtrack)
    by Cityfires
  4. Bug Fables Soundtrack
    by Tristan Alric
  5. Friday Night Funkin' OST, Vol. 2
    by Kawai Sprite
  6. Rokko Chan Soundtracks
    by Rokko Chan
  7. Friday Night Funkin' OST, Vol. 1 (Original Release)
    by Kawai Sprite
    High High
  8. Mega Man Remade
    by RushJet1
  9. The Legend of Zelda Remade
    by IsabelleChiming
  10. Mega Man 4 Remade
    by RushJet1
  11. Mega Man V Remade
    by RushJet1
  12. Mega Man 3 Remade
    by RushJet1
  13. Zelda II: The Adventure of Link Remade
    by IsabelleChiming
    Battle Battle
    This album adds so much to an already amazing soundtrack. With each dungeon getting a personalized track, and some new tracks all together, it makes this soundtrack perfect for any fans of the game. 10/10!
  14. Mega Man V GB - 2A03 Soundtrack Remake
    by IsabelleChiming