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Glasgow, UK
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Music Journalist, photographer

When life lets me down, music picks me up. Creativity & self expression are key factors to feeling liberated. When words fail, use images. My philosophy is to understand more in order to love more. ~M~
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  1. The Children Are Orphans Now
    by Paragraphs
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    The Most Perfect Thing The Most Perfect Thing
    I feel within this album there is a wonderful depth to the intensity of each aspect that is being projected across. I pick up on the sway between deeply melancholic, spacey detached; despair, aggressively manic and euphoric.There is so much beauty locked within the haunting vocals and gorgeous acoustic/ electric guitar melodies and i love the contrast between darkness of desperation filtered through the hopeful determination of light. A magnificent brave album which i absoutely love.
  2. Still Hungry
    by DJ Format & Abdominal
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    Reflective Meditation Rhymes Reflective Meditation Rhymes
    DJ Format & Abdominal are without doubt one of the most authentically impressive dynamic duos out there today on the hip-hop circuit , bringing back from the roots what it means to project on the pulse messages with such clarity with no ego involved, unifying in such a positive way through the art of rap and beat making. The party instigator's, the crowd decimator's. It feels incredibly refreshing to experience purposeful rhymes, delivered in such a genuine, funkalicious way! ~X~
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    Synthetic // Pines Synthetic // Pines
    This ethereal Vapourwave album owns a rich tapestry of sonic textures which i automatically fell in love with. The uncomplicated structural approach gives lots of space between for the mind to float away, as well as the addition of gentle but full-bodied synth parts which hold a subtle drive and focus to the overall feeling of the album. An entrancing & atmospheric blend of both nostalgia and otherworldliness. If you wish to escape into an uplifting electronic magic-dance. Fall deep here.
  4. VOID
    by Paragraphs
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    Blurry Japanese Genitalia Blurry Japanese Genitalia
    The gorgeous warm fuzzy tones in contrast to the sharp angular edge makes for a highly stimulating & deeply atmospheric album, which had me captivated from the very second i allowed the sounds to wash over me. Paragraphs ability to shape-shift his sound through electronic influences from glitch, industrial, IDM & ambient tones is exciting and holds an air of spontaneity. I have been loving the various strains of uncompromising intensity in contrast to the ethereal delights in which he crafts .
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  5. Untitled
    by M//R
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    Tea and Oranges Tea and Oranges
    This banging Ep throws a thrilling array of vibrant shapes, providing booming breaks, phat dub baselines and delicious electronics to rumble your sound systems with. There is an intensity to these sounds, hosting an experimental edge which weaves a driven, atmospheric mood. I love the solid, industrial breaks of 'Dead Nox' and the transfixing, evocative quality of 'Portals', not to mention the superb mind & body stimulus which emanates from the methodical swirl of 'Tea And Oranges' ~M~
  6. Dreamers In Streets
    by thenewfabiansociety
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    TNFS's ability to balance control on the brink of chaos is highly apparent in this monstrous assault on the senses. I adore the brutal nature of this record as it offers up tension, energetic edge and a force of expression that cuts right to the core. In many senses this release is one of the bands most accessible and structured projections and with that comes a certain clarity and concentrated potency to the over all impact of the band. They all sit as my favorite tracks.
  7. spaceart
    by argon cowboy
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    02 - like two birds inside a jar 02 - like two birds inside a jar
    This two part assemblage which consists of twenty, emotion-provoking tracks displays an intuitive relationship of guidance with Argons creative emotions as they spill out, channel, rise and fall at various paces; designing a fine intricate tapestry of works which has been sonically woven together either from scratch; or throughout the duration of a few years. Matthew functions upon creative emotional response, extracting inspiration from nature and converting it onto an ethereal escapism. ~X~
    by Wrong Revolution
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    She Talk Wild She Talk Wild
    Hot Crow wove its spellbinding tapestry around my mind & spirit from the very instance I embraced it. Tracks hit me like a tidal wave with their raw, gritty electronic edge & entrancing momentum. Lyrically it feels spontaneous & exciting. Pete Hope's compact punk/blues poetry just oozes all the character and point driven attitude I could ever wish for. Embedded is the strong essence of earthy tribalism which i feel liberated by, a true work of art that really does uplift & heal.
  9. Splitting The Idiom
    by Peter Hope (Colluded Works Series #1)
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    Electrified Electrified
    Series 1 reveals a collaborative paragon of excellence that fuses electronic transmissions from former and immediate times, merging a demonstration of preservation in common spirit that permeates the art of sonic expression right through to the here-and- now. channelling a new found enjoyment through one part, nostalgic reference, two parts fresh experimental authenticity W.R is a brilliant outlet, allowing the public to become exposed to such highly relevant, ultra inspiring pieces of material
  10. Upsetting The Tone
    by Peter Hope (Colluded Works Series #2)
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    Average Jesus Average Jesus
    This gem enters the head space like a pile driver. Overall the Colluded Works Series, in its entirety stand equally as a vibrant and brilliant representation of creative adventure; presenting solid creative flare within a healthy retrospect of the past and offering an arousing intrigue to the fresh current artists which demonstrate the solid nature of their material and the foundations it flourished from. proving that time only nourishes, inspires, advances and augments in respects to sonic art.
  11. I Went Outside, I Could Hear The Houses Breathing, They Were Alive
    by Paragraphs
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    I Can't Do This I Can't Do This
    There so many beautiful strains of hope & determination strewn amongst this stricking concept album. I do not know if that was a conscious or unconscious element to the compositions but after absorbing in its entirety i come away with the feeling that this album most certainly owns strong healing qualities as the instrumentation reaches deep into the heart and mind, in an empowering way and allows anyone who embraces it to understand the positivity of creative expression.