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  1. Kaleidoscope
    by Compilation of experimental music from Ukraine
  2. Crossing The Wasteland
    by Gamardah Fungus
  3. Clan Caimán(カイマン族)
    by Clan Caimán クラン・カイマン
  4. 京極流箏曲「新春譜」Kyogokuryu-sōkyoku "Shinshunfu"
    by 雨田光平 (Kōhei Amada), SUGAI KEN
    by Nebulo
  6. Hovering Mink
    by Aaron Moore & Erik K Skodvin
  7. Cult Appeal
    by Andrew Bernstein
  8. Metalepsis
    by Eartheater
  9. Disappearing In A Mirror
  10. Falling Backwards
    by James Murray
  11. Mere III
    by Mere
  12. Fragments
    by Altars Altars
  13. The Flower And The Vessel
    by Félicia Atkinson
  14. Musique Hydromantique
    by Tomoko Sauvage
  15. Bajas Fresh
    by Bitchin Bajas
  16. Allways
    by Cave
  17. Reaching For Indigo
    by Circuit des Yeux
  18. Anticlines
    by Lucrecia Dalt
  19. Alpestres [OF016]
    by Matthias Puech
  20. Stries ton, tripes et poils
    by Prune Bécheau
  21. Echoïdes
    by House of Echo/Enzo Carniel
  22. AWAKE "As We Fall"
    by AWAKE
  23. The Shapes of Collapses
    by Paskine
  24. NIMROD
    by Paskine
  25. Filament
    by Vitor Joaquim
  26. Geography
    by Vitor Joaquim
  27. Tuning the Invisible
    by HAN
  28. Terminus Drift
    by Joshua Sabin
  29. From Patterns to Details
    by Fis
  30. An Exploded View of Time
    by Andrew Bernstein
  31. The Great Outdoors
    by Andrew Bernstein
  32. Maria w Horn - Kontrapoetik
    by Maria w Horn
  33. Zellige
    by Nebulo
  34. WEST
    by Vincent Courtois
  35. Gospel
    by Siavash Amini & Matt Finney
  36. KӢR - Mramorje
    by Yerevan Tapes
  37. From Patterns to Details
    by Fis
  38. Ngā Parirau o te Kārearea
    by Fis and Rob Thorne
  39. Apart
    by Svarte Greiner
  40. Knive
    by Svarte Greiner
  41. HH 2016.09.08
    by WERL
  42. Archives from Other Spaces #01
    by Vitor Joaquim
  43. Archives from Other Spaces #02
    by Vitor Joaquim
  44. Reaching For Indigo
    by Circuit des Yeux
  45. Grand Slam (MDM #1)
    by Rolande Garros