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  1. Cool
    by Colleen Green
    by Carpenter Brut
  3. The Ballad of Linda L. (OST)
    by The Limiñanas
  4. When The Wind Forgets Your Name
    by Built To Spill
  5. Breaking the Balls of History
    by Quasi
  6. Rough Trade Super-Disc
    by Horsegirl
  7. Mayday Acid
    by Pye Corner Audio
  8. Good Time/Hard Time
    by Teleman
  9. La Tartana (Whodamanny Remix)
    by Francesco Fisotti
  10. Islands in the Sky
    by Death Valley Girls
  11. Chef Life: A Restaurant Simulator (Original Game Soundtrack)
    by H-Pi
  12. Mars Red Sky & Queen Of The Meadow
    by Mars Red Sky
  13. Bone
    by A Giant Dog
  14. Fuckin' Indie Since 2006 (Alcopop! Records 2022 Sampler)
    by Alcopop! Records
  15. Sinatra Drive Breakdown
    by Yo La Tengo
  16. Trade Secrets
    by Dragon Inn 3
  17. Headful of Sugar
    by Sunflower Bean
  18. Exister Remixed
    by The Soft Moon
  19. Deeper Cuts
    by Code Elektro
  20. Anaphora
    by Mood Taeg