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  1. Depression Cherry
    by Beach House
  2. Elliott Smith
    by Elliott Smith
  3. I Love You But I'm Letting You Go
    by Brennan Wedl
  4. Fire Flames
    by Anna McClellan
  5. It's Always Something...
    by THICK
  6. i would never do that
    by small dad
  7. It's Not Punk, But We Are Getting Close
    by One Hundred Year Ocean
  8. Park Jefferson
    by Park Jefferson
  9. Entitled / Now We're Even
    by Nox
  10. Frankfort!
    by Troy Anderson
  11. Yikes
    by Glueboy
  12. Mellow Moves
    by Triathalon
  13. Manners
    by The Obsessives
  14. My Pale Red Dot
    by The Obsessives
  15. Heck No, Nancy
    by The Obsessives
  16. Fear Mint Vol. 1
    by anna sage. / Brick Top
  17. Body Camera/Where is North ep
    by trophy wife
  18. Listening Woman - "none-a that stuff!"
    by Listening Woman
  19. Showing Symptoms
    by Germ House
  20. Tuesday Night Live
    by halfsour