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  1. The Chicago Boogie Volume 2 Mixtape
    by Kool Hersh
  2. One Man Posse
    by Mark Freedman
  3. Piper of Dreams
    by Carlo Vinci Jr.
  4. Enchantment of the Ring
    by Secret Stairways
  5. Furaha Wenye Gita
    by George Mukabi
  6. Life Choices / Portrait Of The Dutchman
    by Arek Gulbenkoglu
  7. Zen Cab
    by Matthew Sullivan
  8. I'd Rather Be Lucky Than Good
    by Sam Ashley & Werner Durand
  9. Selección Magnética
    by Various
  10. $T.005: Tom Boogizm - Devil On The Cross
    by Shotta Tapes
  11. Yodh
    by מזמור
  12. This Unabating Wakefulness
    by מזמור
  13. HELL / Mizmor
    by מזמור
  14. Rare Field Ceiling
    by Yellow Eyes
  15. 7705A - Personal Chants
    by Charlie Morrow
  16. 8140A - Sound Poems
    by Dick Higgins
  17. 8129B - Insurrection Oratorio
    by Bread and Puppet Theater
  18. New Wilderness Chanting Collection
    by Various Artists
  19. 7703A - Spencer Holst and His Stories
    by Spencer Holst
  20. 7703C - There are Different Kinds of Writing
    by Spencer Holst and Tui St. George Tucker